Book Of Legends

Red Rum

RED RUM is a UK based Pirate Metal band formed in 2011. With a love […]
By Kevin Lewis
April 28, 2023
Red Rum - Book Of Legends album cover

RED RUM is a UK based Pirate Metal band formed in 2011. With a love of drinking and music smashed together, they bring another voice to the boisterous Pirate Metal scene, joining the likes of ALESTORM, SKULL AND BONES, and DROPKICK MURPHYS. One of the key things they do differently is bringing seven members to the stage and adding some unique instruments to give them a sound that is not just the same old piracy shtick. Book Of Legends, is their second full-length album, released April 14, 2023, via Trollzorn.

This starts like many good Power/Pirate Metal albums, with a quick intro to set the tone for the rest of the songs. Folksy and full of Pirate attitude, "Book Of Legends" brings to mind that this record will involve drink, dancing, and frivolity. Of course, the next song is called, "Drunk And Disorderly," nothing else would fit quite as well. Roman, Mitchell, Dominic, and Nick are the high seas on this record. Lizzie and Sam are the wind in the sails. Combined they provide the Power and the Pirate Metal respectively. Meanwhile, Dave lyrical delivery is the barrels of rum and beer, giving everyone the chance to dance and drink and have fun plowing through the waves.

Whether it's "50 Gallons Of Ale" or "Greatest Drink (In All The Land)," the party never stops with RED RUM. The lilting pipes, the happy strings, everything is geared towards the party on the top deck. It does not matter what tempo the song is, it's a party, pure and simple. And this band never breaks character. They don't throw in a sappy love song or ballad. It's all about the journey across the ocean and getting to the destination as drunk as possible. Speaking of the journey, in true pirate fashion, the last song is "Make Port Drink Port," a killer play on words. Granted, I don't think this band is worried about waiting until they get to port to get drunk, but at least hitting land allows you to drink with a different group of people and sell your wares. Life at sea sounds like a great time.

RED RUM is a party band of epic proportions. With seven members in the band, wildly varied instruments, and an attitude that is both lively and infectious, there is no way a live show would be anything less than raucous and the best of times.

8 / 10









"Book Of Legends" Track-listing:

1. Book Of Legends
2. Drunk And Disorderly
3. 50 Gallons Of Ale
4. We Pirates
5. Liar's Dice
6. Greatest Drink (In All The Land)
7. Rekt
8. Captain's Command
9. Drunken Pirates (Ahoy!)
10. Make Port Drink Port

Red Rum Lineup:

Dave - Vocals
Röman - Bass
Mitchell - Drums
Dominic - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Nick - Rhythm Duitar/Backing Vocals
Lizzie - Keyboards/Jew Harp/Backing Vocals
Sam - Mandolin/Mandola/Mandocello/Banjo/Bouzouki/Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Whistles/Backing Vocals

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