Borders of Mania

Red Rot

All in all, RED ROT’s “Borders of Mania,” is such an intense album on every level that it was a surreal listening experience. I highly suggest this to any fan of extreme music.

RED ROT is an international metal band who formed in 2020. “Borders of Mania” is their second full-length album. The band’s style is dynamic and includes a lot of different elements. Sludge, doom, death metal and even experimental elements can be found within. The album consists of 15 tracks and nearly 45 minutes of runtime so there is a lot of time for the band to switch it up as they burn through the album. None of the songs are bad but the album’s tracklist could have benefited from a trim, 15 songs is too much even if the overall length of the album isn’t overly long. But, with that being said, there is A LOT to like about this album. The production is impressive; loud and explosive which captures the band’s highly energetic yet pulvering sound. The vocals, along with every instrument, are boisterous but they all get an equal share in the mix.

The album opens with “Compulsive Delusion,” with thick sludge/doom riffs and a barreling assault from the drums. Around the halfway mark, the riffs breakdown into a section that will probably kill people in the pit if they play it live. This song is a prime example of the album’s overall atmosphere: it just doesn’t quit. From beginning to end, the musicians are alway doing something which is usually hammering the song every forward. This is one of the more unrelenting albums I’ve heard lately. The vocals are just as weighty as the instrumental portion. They are caught somewhere between a scream and a growl—about as soft as a recieving a tattoo while being beaten to death by gorillas.

False Memory” begins with a slow build up before opening up around the 40 second mark for a chaotic drum performance that captures the essence “destroy everything” as the guitars take a slower approach to deliver truly crushing riffs. I can feel every note being squeezed out as the band milks intensity for all its worth. By the time I got to the halfway point with the song “Overlord” I realized that this album isn’t on the border of mania—it IS mania. Even the slower, more introspective songs offer little reprieve of this obsession of beating me down with sweltering riffs and monstrous vocals. This song is the equivalent of being crushed over time, every second adding a new level of pain. The lead guitar near the end dances among the chaos, making the song even more unnerving.

The next song, “Not In Control,” is basically the exact opposite and is a two and a half minute ultra beatdown. I did lose my sense of control listening to this song, trapped in this world of unending kinetic energy and movement of a very perpetual nature. The last two songs, “Sun,” and “Affliction and Relief” display some of the more experimental elements of the album, using unconventional soundscapes and disturbing tones alongside their heavy nature. Both songs are very well done, especially when listened together, and I wish they had spread out more of these ideas throughout the album.

All in all, RED ROT’s “Borders of Mania,” is such an intense album on every level that it was a surreal listening experience. I highly suggest this to any fan of extreme music.

8 / 10









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"Borders of Mania" Track-listing:
  1. Compulsive Delusion
  2. Agony Untold
  3. False Memory
  4. Homo Sapiens Imago Dei
  5. Messianic Alteration
  6. Inner Voice
  7. Overlord
  8. Not in Control
  9. Cranioscopy
  10. Endless Ravine
  11. Vindication
  12. Self Harm Scars
  13. Misericordie
  14. Sun
  15. Affliction and Relief
Red Rot Lineup:

Davide Tiso - Guitars

Luciano George Lorusso - Vocals

Ian Baker - Bass

Ron Bertrand - Drums

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