The Revolution Continues

Red Razor

Born in Florianopolis, Brazil, RED RAZOR incarnates the soul of thrash metal: I think that […]
By Marco Angileri
September 18, 2019
Red Razor - The Revolution Continues album cover

Born in Florianopolis, Brazil, RED RAZOR incarnates the soul of thrash metal: I think that "The revolution continues" is one of most classic thrash tunes I have heard in this 2019.
"The revolution continues" is second album from the Brazilian combo, following the EP "Shark attack" (2013) and the first album "Beer revolution" (2015), featuring a new guitarist (Daniel Rosick).

Before listening to the album, I was reading about the band in internet, and somewhere I found that they have been defined as the Brazilian answer to Tankard. I have then checked the lyrics, and the first verse of the title-track is "Brew your own beer". Then of course, I have listened to the song and, OMG, I thought it was a joke, because like Tankard, they were kickin' my ass. So, ok, enough with similarities or comparisons, since they do not mean anything and start talking about RED RAZOR and their music. What I like about this album are mainly two things: first, the funny side of their approach, with songs like "For those about to thrash" (recall anything?) or "Brewtal mosh", or the death-like hymn to the beer "Sour power". Second, and that's what I admire the most, is the socially engaged themes that are discussed in songs like "Violent times" or "Born in South America".

In particular, "Violent times" talks about human rights and political activists that have been killed in Brazil between 2016 and 2019: RESPECT for discussing this theme, and showing to the world the problems that (not only) Brazil is facing. Theme that is discussed again in "R.I.P. democracy", an aggressive song that mixes classic thrash together with grind and death metal music (it reminds me of Macabre, American band quite popular at the end of the eighties). Thirty intense minutes of classic thrash metal, with some more extreme influences, with a band that wisely mixes important themes but at the same time is able to make and have fun. Check it out!

7 / 10









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"The Revolution Continues" Track-listing:

1. The Revolution Continues
2. For Those about to Thrash
3. Violent Times
4. Born in South America
5. R.I.P. Democracy
6. Sour Power
7. Brewtal Mosh
8. The Sadist

Red Razor Lineup:

Daniel Rosick - Lead Guitar
Fabricio Valle - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Gustavo Kretzer - Bass
Igor Thiesen - Drums

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