Electric Power

Red Machete

One interesting thing I have learnt over the years in my music journalist career is […]
By Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham
April 3, 2015
Red Machete - Electric Power album cover

One interesting thing I have learnt over the years in my music journalist career is chance meetings with people that provide to be valuable contacts for future endeavours. Nearly two months ago at London's Electric Ballroom where Psychedellic Rock outfit MONSTER MAGNET played I was conversing with two Austrian students who were on holiday in the UK. They happened to be Marco Hadzic and Klaus Fischer who told me about their band RED MACHETE and sent me their album "Electric Power" to review.

RED MACHETE are a Hard Rock trio that hail from Linz, Austria and they formed in 2008. With a series of live shows and releases under their belts, it's more than fair to say they are doing quite well for themselves already and could cause a stir with Hard Rock fans worldwide.

So about their latest release "Electric Power"; one of the first things mentioned to me in this chance meeting was their heavy influences from seventies and eighties Rock. Listening to this for the second time today this statement proves to be correct; the blues like guitar riffs and solos, AEROSMITH-esque vocals and the drums providing a solid backbone it is like being taken back in time.

We're already seeing an eclectic selection of Hard Rock tunage within the CD, if you remember my previous reviews I usually say a band that can show variety of music this early tend to climb further up the ladder very quickly. From the adrenaline fuelled "Be Prepared" to the liberating "Lonely Streets" it sounds like so far there is something to suit everyone's pallet; I also admire how they keep up the old seventies vibe within each track.

So judging from this EP alone I think RED MACHETE will succeed well into the Rock community. If you fancy to relive the sounds of seventies legends such as LED ZEPPELIN and LYNARD SKYNARD then RED MACHETE are the band for you. Catch them while you still can; you'd be mad not to.

8 / 10


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"Electric Power" Track-listing:

1. High Volume Rock 'N' Roll
2. City Of Angels
3. Be Prepared
4. Lonely Streets
5. New Way

Red Machete Lineup:

Marco Hadzic - Vocals, Guitars
Jürgen Daller - Bass
Klaus Fischer - Drums

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