Red Fang

Red Fang

RED FANG is a band coming straight out of the USA and what this 4 […]
By Josh West
April 12, 2009
Red Fang - Red Fang album cover

RED FANG is a band coming straight out of the USA and what this 4 piece brings to the table is slow/mid-tempo Rock music like a lot of acts that have come out of the USA recently, like THE SWORD or PRIESTESS. RED FANG have a stoner Rock overall feel to them. The main difference separating these bands is RED FANG's raw, punk like sound. I went into this band expecting beer chugging Rock music as the band put it, and it's not really what I found.

Everything seems to move very slowly and with such a raw feel the band doesn't put you into an energetic, get-up-and-drink state, like PRIESTESS or AC/DC would do, but instead more of a tap your head and foot while appreciating. This is no bad thing, but this band does nothing that nobody else is already doing. They have a very clear sound that resembles a mixture of THE SWORD style riffing and a very slight early British punk sound, leaving you with something that isn't overly original in a very competitive space.

That's not to say you should completely avoid this band, while the energy they are going for doesn't come across overly well on the recordings. It could seem them being suited to being played live, with a crowd of people all feeling the vibe. The album opener Prehistoic Dog does kind of give a completely different impression of this band. It is almost like that is what they were aiming for when writing the rest of the tracks, it has a decent tempo, rocking riffs and some cleverly written lyrics - which some of the other tracks capture but don't come off so well.

With a bit of a look at themselves I think RED FANG could find a winning formula, but they need to drop the vocal effects that feature on every freaking song and the music either needs to stay consistent. The opener Prehistoric Dog leads you to believe you are in for a album of cool stoner/hard Rock songs, but the rest of the album fluctuates strongly and leaves a lot to be desired.

The guys need to take a look at what sort of sound they want to create and try to not spread themselves too thinly, the punk infusion idea is something they should explore but they made some odd choices in regards to the overall sound mix and production, so...hopefully they can improve before the next release! They are talented musicians that just need a push in the right direction!

5 / 10


"Red Fang" Track-listing:

Prehistoric Dog
Reverse Thunder
Night Destroyer
Humans Remain, Human Remains
Good To Die
Bird On Fire
Wings Of Fang
Whales And Leeches

Red Fang Lineup:

Maurice Bryan Giles - Vocals, Guitar
David Sullivan - Guitar, vocals
Aaron Beam - Bass
John Sherman - Drums

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