The Clans Are Marching EP


REBELLION - for those who are not aware - is the German Metal band featuring […]
By Grigoris Chronis
July 29, 2009
Rebellion - The Clans Are Marching EP album cover

REBELLION - for those who are not aware - is the German Metal band featuring ex-GRAVE DIGGER members Uwe Lulis and Tomi Gottlich; there's even a rumor Lulis wanted to name this new band as GRAVE DIGGER facing Chris Boltendahl's (legal or not) spite. Lulis performed with GRAVE DIGGER during the band's 90s career while Gottlich left in 1997/1998. While preparing their fifth studio album, REBELLION precede this release with the The Clans Are Marching EP. Summing it up: GRAVE DIGGER, REBELLION and The Clans Are Marching...
Yeap, the same-titled track is a rendition of the 1996 GRAVE DIGGER hit, with some more double-bass drumming and a more up-to-date German Metal production; there's another intro preceding the well known one, too. Arise and Ragnarok carry on a parallel vibe, along the GRAVE DIGGER path, the former bearing a a thin slice of mystique/goth atmosphere while the former seems to be more of an in-your-face treveling tune. Both songs are about to be included in REBELLION's upcoming Arise: From Ginnungagap To Ragnarok - History Of The Vikings, Vol. III CD, wrapping up the story unfolded earlier via 2005's Sagas Of Iceland - ... - Volume I and 2007's Miklagard - ... - Volume II albums. The last tune, My Blood In The Snow slows things down at first as a ballad-style mild emotional cut, afterwards to unfold a double-bass interesting typhoon with harsh vocals by Michael Seifert.
REBELLION's debut (2002) was a concept album based on Shakespeare's MacBeth; seven years later, the band is ready to unleash another - we hope - interesting piece of German traditional Metal and - leaving aside any personal assumptions one can get to in regards to the GRAVE DIGGER 'link', adding the vocals mode - this 4-track EP, also including the video for The Clans Are Marching recorded at Summer Breeze festival, can act as a good starter for die hard fans.

"The Clans Are Marching EP" Track-listing:

The Clans Are Marching
My Blood In The Snow
The Clans Are Marching (video clip)

Rebellion Lineup:

Michael Seifert - Vocals
Uwe Lulis - Guitar
Simone Wenzel - Guitar
Tomi Gottlich - Bass
Gerd Lucking - Drums

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