Is It A Sin

Rebel Gel

REBEL GEL is a melodic Hard Rock band project from the West Coast of Sweden. […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
October 7, 2013
Rebel Gel - Is It A Sin album cover

REBEL GEL is a melodic Hard Rock band project from the West Coast of Sweden. The project was formed back in 2008. Three years later, they released their debut, "If You Believe", the second album "Is It A Sin" was recently release. The band consists of father and son; Jon Grövle (BIG STORE HYSTERIA) on vocals, and Andreas Grövle (M.ILL.ION) handling the guitars. On both of the band's albums, other than the two mentioned role players, the rest of the instruments were handled by studio musicians. Furthermore, both albums were recorded at Casa Grusom Studios in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Right from the starting point, it appeared to me that every piece of material around is a bounded masterpiece. "When You're Gone" had me mesmerized with its hard 80's driven influence channeling dynamics, incredible riffing and melodic lead fretwork, an awesome rhythm section and well performed vocals. "Young Lovers" indicated of an AORish nature, hinting fine atmospheric elements with the addition of keyboards, commercialized to some extent with its catchiness, yet so melodic that it would be hard to deny its presence. "Facebooked World", somewhat similar to LORDI, shares more of the band's melodic Rock direction along with well written lyrics. I see this one a potential strong hit that is hard to let go. "Is It A Sin" is a swift Hard Rocker in the vein of WHITESNAKE provided with keyboards, an exciting rhythm section display and quite a memorable chorus. "A Mad Man's Work" kicking it off with a synergy of keyboards with heavy guitar riffing, clinging to the 80's glory, while "Hit Me, Kick Me" effecting this experience with even more vigor. For a bonus track, A-HA "Take On Me". This a very good version, the band's performance is top notch with great energies, a cover in the band's own image. Others that you might also want to pay attention to: "Burning Soul", "Facing Love" with a few similarities to SAXON and "Join The Night" a warm balladry with acoustic guitaring.

REBEL GEL an amazing harmony, their music is simple, melodic, memorable and in times quite energetic. The songs are killer and the quality of the sound is superb. Probably this is one of the best Hard Rock / AOR albums of late.

10 / 10


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"Is It A Sin" Track-listing:

1. When You're Gone
2. Young Lovers
3. Burning Soul
4. A Mad Man's Work
5. Is It A Sin
6. Facing Love
7. Facebooked World
8. Hit Me, Kick Me
9. Join The Night
10. Take On Me

Rebel Gel Lineup:

Jon Grövle - Vocals
Andreas Grövle - Guitar
Tomas Reinerson - Bass
Jonny Edvardsson - Drums

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