Exit Humanity


Deep from one of the focal points of some of the origins of Thrash Metal […]
By Quinten Serna
June 30, 2019
Reavers - Exit Humanity album cover

Deep from one of the focal points of some of the origins of Thrash Metal comes "Reavers" the unforgiving unassuming titans of their craft; with having a heritage shared with the Teutonic Four it is itself a understatement to say it's a legacy for which one to strive to attempt to hold a candle to and whilst the advent of different niches of metal and the natural evolution of the genre have become derisive to what connoisseurs would consider the purity of classic Thrash Metal "Reavers" marks themselves discrete from convention.

Opening with a pithy prelude the song, "Enter the Storm (Intro)" is a feigned introduction to the stylings of "Reavers;" the somber sullen tidings and wash of the sound fills the listener with a shortened sense of dread completely juxtaposing the intensity of the album by starting with such atmospheric and lightened musings; the ability of the band to compose something that exists in such a different state than their usual praxis exemplifies their abilities as musicians to diverge and create inside and outside of their genre. "Exit Humanity" truly commences the album departing from the dirge and ushering in semblances of aggression and abandon, the perfected fuel for Thrash Metal.

With a propensity for the extreme "Reavers" best exemplifies this quality with "Bier & Korn" a 3 minute paean about having a good time with some fast riffing coupled with an antiquated and traditional waltz presenting itself not only as an interesting twist to Thrash but also as an odd way in which to end an album though the shouting in German-making me wish wish my understanding of the language was much more fluent-at the end is particularly hilarious reminding me of an old interview of Filthy Phil.

The album as a whole is an interesting composition consisting of faster medleys, slower voicings, and dynamic switches in between such as in "Madness" where the song continuously shifts between slower and faster tempos and "Bastard (A Song of Ice and Fire)" which follows a similar construction though is focused is more concerned with the apprehensive attitude of ever encroaching dragons. As a completed work the guitars feel a little oversaturated and the drums a little low outside of snare hits, it plays no part in reflecting their abilities as musicians however and every note feels solid, concise, and confident.

"Reavers" is an uncommon Thrash Metal act with a sound much more akin to classic Thrash bearing in a well deserved analogue; few bands are capable of showcasing such a wide array of skills and influences yet still never divulge from their essence and this band delivers definitively in that factor. Anyone in love with Thrash, Speed Metal, or German waltzes played with heavier instruments would enjoy this album immensely.

7 / 10









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"Exit Humanity" Track-listing:

1. Enter the Storm (Intro)
2. Exit Humanity
3.  Scene of Crime
4.  Artillery Death
5. Sleeping Toxic
6. To Hell With Mary Jane
7. Madness
8. Bastard (A Song of Ice and Fire)
9. War Machine
10. Fire in the Hole
11. Bier & Korn

Reavers Lineup:

Klitz Cag - Bass and Vocals
Jannis Reinke - Drums
Mike Oakenshield - Guitars
Katy Grossbongardt - Guitars

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