Summon The Stone Throwers


Before summoning the stone throwers to protect the classic oriented Doom Metal, first of all […]
October 4, 2010

Before summoning the stone throwers to protect the classic oriented Doom Metal, first of all summon the magic of the sub-genre. That is what was more or less forgotten by the American vintage Doom band, REALMBUILDER. On its entirety, their debut album, "Summon The Stone Throwers", is a display of what was rather decimated over the years and that is the Heavy Metal within the Doom Metal ala 70's BLACK SABBATH, KING CRIMSON, HEAVY LOAD and plenty of others from the English manifest.

For their gain, REALMBUILDER, in their music, tried to be more loosen than 70's BLACK SABBATH and defined their creation into a more NWOBHM and Epic manner of Metal. So you can say that "Summon The Stone Throwers" is similar to MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL, early 80's PRIEST and ANGEL WITCH, thus being related to the early 80's. Nevertheless, being derived from those charming and gloomy acts didn't help on fading out the band's lack of creativity in this current release.

Although this release holds the energies of simplistic, raw and dirty old form of Metal, REALMBUILDER took the wrong turn and made their debut as a standstill statue. Even though this is not the end of the road while there are still tunes that one can enjoy like "Ninety-Nine Raids", "Forgotten Minion" and "Silver Ziggurat", this is still an epic like album and it should be devoted with more care. No doubt about it that there are plenty of very nice lead guitar melodic sections played by secessionist Brian Koenig, of LUNA MORTIS,and somewhat impressive rhythms by J.H. Halberd. Nevertheless, the vocals, by the Czar, on most tracks, sound more than grey (means dreary) than your ordinary classic Doom album. Other than the vocals, and more into general terms, the songs, even though has the generalized feeling of an epic, seems to be stuck under the same stone while not moving and inch forward.

I think that it's hard to compose a good epic / Doom album, especially in the kind of the early 80's, because as in all Metal sub-genre or music in general, it's an art. REALMBUILDER got credit in my bill for being devoted to the old ways and to the vintage sound, all is left is working and top-notching the rest, which are refining the material and finding how to make a significance. "Summon The Stone Throwers" is an album that should be heard because it's something rarely seen today as it was common in the 80's. Take notice.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Summon The Stone Throwers" Track-listing:
  1. Bow Before the Oligarchy
  2. Silver Ziggurat
  3. Ninety-Nine Raids
  4. Forgotten Minion
  5. Summon the Stone Throwers
  6. Colossal Glaciers
  7. The Tarnished Crown
Realmbuilder Lineup:

Czar - Vocals, Drums

J.H. Halberd - Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Harmony Vocals
Brian Koenig - Lead Guitar

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