Blue Flame Cavalry


Since I discovered this mystical twin mind melding experience called REALMBUILDER, hailing from New York, […]
December 28, 2013
Realmbuilder - Blue Flame Cavalry album cover

Since I discovered this mystical twin mind melding experience called REALMBUILDER, hailing from New York, I have been wondering what their next Mediaeval Times orientated Metal will be or to where it will take me as I will start listening to the ancient echoes that lures the imagination. These two highly educated Metalheads, maintained their two years gap between releases, and it was only a matter of time for the third release, the successor of the previous "Fortifications Of The Pale Architect" to arrive at my desk. And then it came, containing only four tracks, but with enough of the duo's Epic / Doom Metal legacy to keep me company, "Blue Flame Cavalry" landed right from the boss of I Hate Records. Remaining mythical, passionate of fantasy stories from far beyond, waging wars within the spectrum of their imaginary kingdom, REALMBUILDER wrote eposes of actual war, persisting on their loyalties to the British tradition of Doom Metal of the early 80's, while also allowing themselves to drift for a whimsical quest for a pristine foundation of diversity and inventiveness.

"Blue Flame Cavalry", sounding the horns of war, marked the cry for battle, creating that fine pick interest over vast period of time, engraving their storyline, atmospherically chanted by the soothing voice of Czar, which even too a rougher edge here and there that resembled Rob Halford of the early 70's version of JUDAS PRIEST, conveying masterful arrangement that whispered gloominess yet ceased the heat of the engagement at hand. J.H. Halberd's guitar riffing appeared quite standard, nonetheless, his composite abilities to muster the rightful kind of simplified, and somewhat heavier than before, riffery, was right on the spot supplying this rhythm guitar fan with enough to adore, in particular with "They Write Their Names with Fire" and the self-titled tracks favorites. Excluding the knee deep ambient vagueness, and even obscurity, that nearly lunged into the aperture of Progressive Rock of the 70's, meaning "Adrift Upon The Night Ocean", Halberd composed rudimentary guitar notes but retained the essence of the music's beauty. Brian Koenig, a bit of a puzzle how he is still not a permanent member of this group, once again applied his skills in production ample lead guitar melodies and classic Metal driven soloing highly appropriate for the occasion, augmenting the riffing with enough juice to keep the entire tunes alive and breathing. Furthermore, the usage of the Ram's Horn, which signaled the commencement of the charge against the unknown intimidating antagonists, along with various of sound arrangements, colored the haze of the songs, especially of the space nomadic "Adrift Upon The Night Ocean", which also gradually acclaimed a sort of psychedelic instigation.

Once again I was evident to a passage through this duo's imaginational capabilities and features of the world's mythological undertakings. Traditional Doom has a knack of gradually becoming too much low gear thus deeming itself to boredom, yet with implementing the right aspects, it can be glorious. REALMBUILDER did it again and were able to captivate my senses once more. Do yourself a favor and buy this one.

8 / 10


"Blue Flame Cavalry" Track-listing:

1. They Write Their Names with Fire
2. Advance of the War Giants
3. Adrift Upon The Night Ocean
4. Blue Flame Cavalry

Realmbuilder Lineup:

J.H. Halberd - Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Trumpet, Keyboards, Ram's Horn, Percussion, Sound design
Czar - Vocals, Drums, Lyrics
Brian Koenig - Lead Guitar

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