Comprehension Of Self

Realm Ex

Guitar heroes...many in the history of Heavy Metal, but nowadays it's really hard to find […]
By George Karagiannis
January 21, 2009
Realm Ex - Comprehension Of Self album cover

Guitar heroes...many in the history of Heavy Metal, but nowadays it's really hard to find them because music has changed a lot since the 70s or the 80s. We don't have nowadays a new Malmsteen or a new Satriani...or even a new Timmo Tolkki...but why?
The last 10 years I cannot remember a guitar player that could attract my attention with his skills. Is that because music industry has changed a lot or because everything is already played and we cannot find anything new to mention? Well, if you want my opinion, I cannot accept the fact that all has been already played, since Heavy Metal has no boundaries. In that case, what's wrong then? It's the inability most of the new musicians have to express their own world through music and not to copy/paste all of their childhood heroes.
Timofey Mineyev with his personal project did a nice combination of Yngwie Malmsteen with the orchestral euro-Power/Speed of STRATOVARIUS...but nothing more than that. The production isn't the one I expected. When you make an instrumental record the songs are completely naked to the listener and any mistake or bad sound can be noticed easily.
Especially the (computer) drums sound is awful! The artwork also is quite cheapy, I should say. There are some good moments but Timofey Mineyev has a lot of work to do, if he wants to be something more than a nice guitar player.
Only for guitarholics.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Comprehension Of Self" Track-listing:

I See The Sign
To The Edge Of Universe
Autumn Drops
Reach For The Stars
Eternal Sun
In The Grip Of Fire
Bright Sky

Realm Ex Lineup:

Timofey Mineyev - Guitars, Synths, Drums, Bass, All Arrangements

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