The Tribunal Above (Reissue)


Sometimes evolution doesn't necessarily make a band better, it might just win them additional following, […]
July 8, 2017
Reactor - The Tribunal Above (Reissue) album cover

Sometimes evolution doesn't necessarily make a band better, it might just win them additional following, but it has never been carved in stone. The early 90s of Death Metal worldwide has been phenomenal, a lot of great bands showing off their first recordings, debut albums oozed up by immense brutal sense and technical playing abilities. Zurich, Switzerland, raised from the crypts the foursome crew of REACTOR, a Death Metal band gone somewhere in the progressed regions. This short lived moniker was able to garner followers after the release of their only recording evidence, the demo "The Tribunal Above". Such a following and recognition brought them to open and share stages with some of greatest Metal acts in Europe and the US. Vic Records took it upon themselves to take note of this demo and make a proper reissue.

First of all, I found this release unique as for 1991, an analog recording, it sounds really good considering the fact that it is a master tape. There are a few moments of too much bass to digest, yet nothing that afflicted upon the entire experience. Second, I really enjoyed the intensity of the music, chunky brutal and straightforward, though not showing the kind of technical merits that would be expected if you make comparisons to bands such as the Dutch Tech masters PESTILENCE of those days for that matter. As a follower of the old school era of Death Metal, it didn't matter that much as REACTOR indulged on the massive riff based tunes, simply killed it with such glorifying aggression that might chew up on a person in whole. Furthermore, a few soloing efforts are featured in a SLAYERish manner, guitars screaming wildly in pain, lying down an apocalyptic atmosphere for the ongoing chugs of death.

"Circle of Eternity [Cut Off...]" is a means of nostalgia, such vehemence and brutality attributed by a type of sound that its pattern ruled that period, is hard not to pay attention. "Religious Fight", "Near Dark" and "Deformed Personality" had me running down the memory lane, remembering other artists alike, early British Death Metal monstrosities as BOLT THROWER / CANCER / BENEDICTION. Here and there I noticed a few progressive elements, yet this band appeared to be all about the putrid fist in the face, trying to be closer to complexity but better off with the simple open power chords that went on a rampage.

It took REACTOR less than a year to evolve to SICKENING GORE, another short-lived effort that survived with a single album, released by Massacre Records. It is said that with the latter moniker, the band barely achieved what "The Tribunal From Above" made REACTOR to become. I highly recommend on taking on this demo and inhale its magic, even if not on the first listen. Give it a chance.

Purchase Link: Vic Records

8 / 10


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"The Tribunal Above (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Intro / Deformed Personality
2. Near Dark
3. The Tribunal Above
4. Religious Fight
5. Circle of Eternity [Cut Off...]

Reactor Lineup:

Neni - Vocals / Guitars
Dany - Bass
Pauli - Guitars
Howi - Drums

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