Rock N' Roll Hero


Doing my best to translate all of the German background information I've read online into […]
By Matt Coe
March 11, 2014
Razzmattazz - Rock N' Roll Hero album cover

Doing my best to translate all of the German background information I've read online into sensible English, this hard rock band hails from Stuttgart and have been in existence since 2010. RAZZMATTAZZ has a throwback nature to their substance and style, even in their namesake which could be a tip of the cap to Scottish veterans NAZARETH who had a famous song and album title back in 1973 that is similar with "Razamanaz""Rock 'n Roll Hero" is their debut album, a hefty 14 song effort which has as much bluesy riffing as it does groove and hard rock principles.

Do not expect this band to push the tempo gauge full throttle or engage in superficial distortion tricks to mask any deficiencies. RAZZMATTAZZ instead settle into a variety of mid-tempo anthems and 70's boogie Rock grooves, getting to the meat of every track quickly and merging music hook and melody line so that your brain will digest songs such as "Stompin'" and "Frozen Water" instantaneously. Guitarist Tom Schaupp handles the vocals in a sarcastic meets Southern Rock swagger, employing a little bit of softer Bon Scott along with ZZ TOP's Billy Gibbons in his choice of phrasing and delivery. The band occasionally get a little heavier, bringing to mind early ACCEPT through the street level "Metalgod" and a fun loving drum/ guitar back and forth number called "Too Young to Die". Overall though, the band seem comfortable pushing forward 3-4 chord Hard Rock in the AC/DC / ZZ TOP vein, and the subject matter tailor made for highway / biker /bar crowds.

Primitive production and simple cover art proves that this band prefer to let the music do most of the talking- and overall its adequate and addictive songwriting that proves less can be more. Considering the proliferation of retro Hard Rock bands flooding the scene these days, RAZZMATTAZZ at least offers decent dynamic hook balance beyond the obvious influences.

8 / 10


"Rock N' Roll Hero" Track-listing:

1. Rock 'N Roll Hero
2. Stompin'
3. Heat Up My Night
4. Frozen Water
5. Metalgod
6. Takkaa Takkaa
7. Overdose
8. Drive Me Home
9. Bad Money
10. My Last Beer
11. I Wanna Know
12. Free Like An Eagle
13. Too Young To Die
14. Metalgod- The Adoration

Razzmattazz Lineup:

Tom Schaupp - Vocals, Guitar
Bad Mike Bösinger - Drums
Timothy Toing - Bass, Backing Vocals
Wolle Heieck - Guitar, Backing Vocals

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