Violent Restitution (Reissue)


Always a pleasure to swing the pages of Metal's history, and thanks to Relapse Records, […]
May 1, 2015
Razor - Violent Restitution (Reissue) album cover

Always a pleasure to swing the pages of Metal's history, and thanks to Relapse Records, I had the opportunity to jump back in time to my high school days, back when I got to know the Canadian Speed / Thrash Metal executioners, RAZOR. If back then I thought that these guys were one of the fastest out there, nothing really changed in the present as I am ready to let out my thoughts about one of three reissues of three of the band's classic albums ranging between the late 80's and early 90's. The first in line is SPV / Steamhammer's originally released bloody mosher "Violent Restitution". Also, this album was actually the end of an era for RAZOR as it was the final album with their original vocalist, Stace "Sheepdog" McLaren, which served the band so well throughout his years with them.

Armed with a tenderness towards street violence, and plainly a whole lot of right between your eyes spike studded fists of fury, RAZOR only seldom let loose of the pedal from the Metal, breaching speed limits even faster than their country peers EXCITER. "Violent Restitution", partially due to its slight angered Punk attitude and its infested early MOTORHEAD and METALLICA aspects, involved the crude art of classic Speed entangled in reins with chunks of American Thrash Metal, West Coast rather than the New York style. Although in nowadays view the musical structures and arrangements might appear out of date, or even banal, yet leaving out the present, as it just doesn't fit when checking out old albums, you would notice that RAZOR created their own sort of murky class. Listening to my chosen undeniable numbers of pure Metal frezny, starting with the infectious "Enforcer" and crispy "Violent Restitution", I was consumed by a youthful spirit that digested me slowly; into the veils of old school Thrash Metal combustion. Gathered around with "Out of the Game", "Eve of the Storm", "I'll Only Say It Once" and "The Marshall Arts", it was as if the fuel for the fire never seems to be enough.

Probably RAZOR's lesser end is the fact that their choice of riffs throughout their songs, mainly focusing on this here album, led to nearly identical compositions. Lack of ideas you may ask? Unsure, but at least the riffs presented were ample enough to create havoc in the ring in such a manner that my head almost blew off the fistful of Metal. Thankfully, Dave Carlo, other than establishing the Canadian Thrash front with this riffs, assaulted with quite an impressive selection of deranged soloing spreads, shooting down all resistance. RAZOR's simplistic antics attributed the songs with a wholesome of power along with Sheepdog maniacal fronting, which appeared undetached from the music. Back in the day he was a soldier of fortune at work, barking and spewing commands to his nonstop thrashing companions. Later on, Sheepdog would be replace by the shrieky Lemmy driven Bob Reid, which took hold of RAZOR's front line till the first breakup.

Definitely, "Violent Restitution" is an exciting album, heavenly speedy and heavy as they come. Relapse Records' gift for the true Thrash Metal fans, as bonus, other than the total remastering of this release, three live tracks in order to capture RAZOR live back in their heydays. On this album there would three songs from the band's performance in Toronto, hailing 1988. Studio might the cleanest place around, yet in order to let RAZOR sink in, you ought to check their stage essence. Generally, a must album for every collector, RAZOR fan, and true Metal believer and devotee.

8 / 10


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"Violent Restitution (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. The Marshall Arts
2. Hypertension
3. Taste the Floor
4. Behind Bars
5. Below the Belt
6. I'll Only Say It Once
7. Enforcer
8. Violent Restitution
9. Out of the Game
10. Edge of the Razor
11. Eve of the Storm
12. Discipline
13. Fed Up
14. Soldier of Fortune
15. Shootout (Live)
16. Snake Eyes (Live)
17. The Marshall Arts / Hypertension (Live)

Razor Lineup:

Stace "Sheepdog" McLaren - Vocals
Dave Carlo - Guitars
Adam Carlo - Bass
Rob Mills - Drums

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