Eternal, Dark


Metal in all forms from the Eastern parts of Europe has always in some way […]
By Erika Wallberg
August 26, 2010
Raventhrone - Eternal

Metal in all forms from the Eastern parts of Europe has always in some way been classified as obscure, mainly perhaps because these records are, or at least were very hard to get back in the days. Nothing got passed the Iron Curtain. With internet of course times changed and everything got much easier and things been adjusted to the world as we know it. But then also, the music has also been pushed further to the limit compared to the Western way.

Even if RAVENTHRONE origins from an as odd place as Belarus they're not especially obscure or extreme though. Their latest release "Eternal, Dark" is quite ordinary Pagan Black Metal. The heavy doom oozing riffs creates a very suggestive atmosphere in the likes of PRIMORDIAL still with a slight touch of the Primitive Black Metal moody sound. But there's also a slight touch of Goth and Doom in it, PARADISE LOST and MY DYING BRIDE came to mind when I first listened to the record. Not that the music has many similarities with the renowned British bands other than fragments and feelings in the music.

I really prefer a simple production where the music gets to do the talking rather than some thick mass of noise, I've said that before and I guess that is one reason why RAVENTHORNE appeal to me, the production is peeled off and quite primitive without being cheap. The sound and expression is very pleasant and it's easy for the mind to start wandering with this music in the background. That is the downside of the album, even if nothing sounds bad, nothing really sticks out either. Every song is gnawing on in the same pace with the same feeling, it's only "Poisoning Light" that stands out a little with its blast beats. That track became my immediate favorite together with super Doomy "When The Shadow Come". The latter one reminded me of the extreme doom bands in the early 90's, like THE EQUINOX OF THE GODS or THE GATHERING before they became the mainstream Goth-band they're known to be.

Still "Eternal, Dark" is a very pleasant album, it's very comfortable to have low in the background or play loud as hell and sure grows for each spin. It's just that it feels a little too comfortable and safe to be really interesting but a nice album it is.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Eternal, Dark" Track-listing:
  1. В руки зимы (In The Grip Of Winter)
  2. Свет отравляя (Poisoning Light)
  3. Печаль тысячелетней зимы (Grief Of A Thousand Year Old Winter)
  4. Вьюгой зови (Call It Snowstorm...)
  5. Первосмерть: Первобог (Pervosmert' Pervobog)
  6. Когда приходят тени (When The Shadows Come)
  7. От вечности к вечности (From Eternity To Eternity)
  8. Силой, ненавистью (By Force, By Hatred)
  9. Внутри нет жизни (No Life Inside)
  10. В плену тонких жил (In Captivity Of Thiny Veins)
  11. Зима - Мой покой (The Winter Is My Rest)
  12. Пусть огонь заберёт вас (Let The Flame Take You)
Raventhrone Lineup:

Ingvar Winterheart - Vocals
War Head - Bass
Thy Wings - Guitars

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