Eat the Fallen

Ravenous E.H

RAVENOUS E.H comes out swinging; from the wolf's howl on "The Hunger Never Dies", we […]
By Max Elias
May 15, 2019
Ravenous E.H - Eat the Fallen album cover

RAVENOUS E.H comes out swinging; from the wolf's howl on "The Hunger Never Dies", we are treated to a bombastic display of high-intensity, flashy guitar work and frenetic drumming. The vocals are lower than most 80s NWOBHM/speed metal vocals were-which is musically the clear predecessor-but not down to a growl; I actually think that helps not interfere with the work the guitar are doing. "Space and Time" begins with some phaser-heavy riffing straight out of late 70s heavy rock, and is a good deal more epic than the opener, with keyboards ringing throughout, and a more spaced-out approach to riffs. Around the three-minute mark the solo takes off; a harmonized barrage of pull-offs and open string Maiden licks, interrupted briefly before resuming, this time joined by keys like a classic metal CHILDREN OF BODOM.

"Doom Holds the Key" introduces itself with an evil sounding guitar melody, which lays back and lets bass and drums drive the song forward when the verse kicks in. That melody returns later in the chorus, harmonized by understated keys. In the choruses, the vocals take on a chanting style emphasizing the eeriness of the instrumentation. A spoken interlude gives way to a short solo based around the core melody, with scale runs and legato flourishes sprinkled in. "Adrift'"reminds me of classic melodeath or of something THREE INCHES OF BLOOD might do with its driving KALMAH-esque riffs. The band combines those with clear vocals similarly to FALCONER, but this guy's voice annoys me less. Even the softer section manages to propel itself forward through meaty muted triplets.

The most interesting part of the song "Mercenary" is the solo; although it opens with some cool melodic histrionics, it abandons those pretty quickly. A Maiden-esque melody rings through the choruses, underlaid with blasting tremolo picking. "Beyond the Ice" is much more immediate, with galloping drums and a stomping chorus. The vocals are much more strident and take-no-prisoners aggressive. Where this band shines is their melodic interludes, and "Beyond the Ice" boasts a beautifully harmonized interlude. "Strength of a Warrior" reminds me of ENSIFERUM in the intro, which is an energy I wish they kept throughout. But without the acrobatic folk melodies, the lyrics and power metal atmosphere on this song sounds like they are missing a crucial component. On this album in general I could use more active guitar work, because I think that is what defines power metal-which at least lyrically is pretty much what this band is. Without the driving melodic energy of the guitars, you're left with usually cheesy lyrics and drumming that, although powerful, cannot do the job alone. Things like the interlude at the three-minute mark of "A Tale of Good Omens" are what keep the energy flowing.

"Conquering the Sun" definitely has the guitar work I was talking about, at least in the intro. Over the verse I'm still getting mostly drums and maybe some gallops. A guitar melody does underly the chorus, though, and after a keyboard fill, launches into a short lead. The song ends the way so many Maiden songs (and others, but Maiden is the most obvious culprit) do, by repeating the chorus endlessly. Overall the album is powerful, not the most original, but solid. I would like to see the guitars take a more prominent position in the mix or have more to do, since to me that is the main draw of power metal, but that might boil down to personal preference.

7 / 10









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"Eat the Fallen" Track-listing:

1. The Hunger Never Dies
2. Space and Time
3. Doom Holds the Key
4. Adrift
5. Revenge of the Beloved
6. Mercenary
7. Beyond the Ice
8. Strength of a Warrior
9. A Tale of Good Omens
10. Conquering the Sun
11. The Bards Song

Ravenous E.H Lineup:

R.A.V - Vocal
Jake Wright - Guitar
Skyler Mills - Guitar
Chris Valax - Bass
Dave Crnkovic - Drums

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