The Dead Of Night

Ravenous Dusk

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: RAVENOUS DUSK; signed via Seance […]
July 1, 2022
Ravenous Dusk - The Dead Of Night album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: RAVENOUS DUSK; signed via Seance Records, hailing from Australian grounds - performing Black Metal, on their debut demo entitled: "The Dead Of Night" - of which is their only release in their discography so far. 4 tracks ranging around 21:07; the duo in question arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with this ominously jarring introduction with this scouring guitar hymn; an acoustic but symbolic retribution of symphonic majesty starts off the record with "Tongues Of Black Flame" until this mystifying stampede of wrathful distortion blisters eardrums with wildly rushing pursuits of otherworldly gnarliness and sacrilege of ritualistic proportion, a bulldozing density towers with snarly blasphemy amongst a gloomy desegregation in doomy barraged frenzies in which thud with sturdy perseverance while weighty instrumentation implements a rifting pursuit on some monolithic tempo which slays with lacerating grinds on top of some killer mobility to boot. A bludgeoning intensity morphs through with ruthless pandemonium & somewhat melancholic synthetics of what seamlessly transitions with atmospheric ambience, intertwined with this distilled hybrid on snarly rifts from brisk multitasker Wraith.

Wraith's spectral performances mesmerise one with uproarious yells within some shouty yet throaty vocals, while raspy bellows bark with shrieking snares on top of some grumbling but bleeding cords. His dexterous guitar prowess manifests with rapidly swift nimbleness & rampantly rompy thuds of rugged mayhem, where rumbling reverberation pierces through you with volatile synergy. The blackened atmosphere contrasts with some symphonic fervor as his keyboards salubriously marvels with these neat passages on mythical strife, until stridently sonic pursuits strike with venomous injections in infectious songwriting musicianship that showcases organic substance and dark but vigorously rigurous speed tactics that will make anyone break chairs over other chairs in no time, or go barbarically berserk. While "Matriarch of Hell" belts an audibly flickering bass intensity from Balam, where thumpy yet radically wicked flexibility fundamentally demonstrates a rambunctiously piledriving smear that merges with vicious stability that will get heads rattling with malignant virulence and bashful integrity in no time.

The concretely gritty instrumental of meticulous force here impulses an impactful clobbering while the mellifluous euphony in hellish havoc and chaotic blitzkrieg crafts a dynamic grandeur in persevering persistence amongst arbitrary crescendos of towering maliciousness, while rampaging onslaughts on vehement maelstrom utilises versatile meatiness on monstrous adrenaline for good measure. The penultimate rager "Animam Agere" revels with more profusely robust ramifications on amplified distortion and distinctively distinguished savagery, where sinister drum cymbal bolts smack with visceral madness on top of some veracious stability. While tremolo picking rivets with mountainous executions in extreme but euphonic aggression while ravenous calamity distributes a befoulling grime of smirky disillusion that's rather relishing, relinquished and devastating (of the good kind of course).

Overall concluding "The Dead Of Night" with the finale epic banger: "Poison Shadow"; an otherworldly shadowing of some vindictive spellbinding, creepiness & pugnacious sublimity rewards one with an enjoyably entertaining Black Metal offering that delivers an intriguing experience, assailing some brutal bestiality that will make anyone grovel with solid distain among the masses that provides with steely precision and enriching but cavernous flow also. Do check it out, worthy of spinning & replaying a good few - certainly a discovery that out does itself with zealous prime, keeping one interested until the next full-length recording comes for sure.

8 / 10









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"The Dead Of Night" Track-listing:

1. Tongues of Black Flame
2. Matriarch of Hell
3. Animam Agere
4. Poison Shadow

Ravenous Dusk Lineup:

Balam - Bass
Wraith - Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards

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