From The Depths


RAVENED who hail from Jonkoping, Sweden have released their new album "From The Depths" on […]
By Barry Valentine
October 9, 2020
Ravened - From The Depths album cover

RAVENED who hail from Jonkoping, Sweden have released their new album "From The Depths" on Aug 7th produced by Hobo Rec. The band formed in 2018 with heavy influences from such bands like LAMB OF GOD, BLOODBATH, PANTERA, and METALLICA, you can definitely hear in it their tone, but it's truly their own. Olle, and Oliwer have had the music in their lives for generations, and for a young band between the ages of 19-24 will be an unstoppable force in the metal world! The album starts with "The Path" as an intro going into "Foul Deeds" with a nice melodic chord before the distorted chugs when you get a full frontal smack in the face from the entire band. Well disciplined, on point, and with a heavy double bass kick they buckle you in for the ride you're about to take. A well played song with the screaming vocals to match, you couldn't start the album in a better way!

The third song, "Blackened One" is a hard hitting song with a sort of mix of a memorable alternate picked riff, before a percussion beat, and a long scream, strong powerful lyrics, clearly screamed, and a groove metal beat during the chorus. The song shows the rhythm, and talent of the band with its many ranges both lyrically and instrumentally! Each member on point, complimenting each other, with a feel of SEVENDUST, mixed with SLIPKNOT, this band definitely makes this style their own throughout. The next song "We'll Rise" starts out with a catchy bass riff before bringing in the band's hard hitting continuation of this slamming riff will have you out of your seat! Again, another well wrote, well sung song. Very memorable, talent on full display, this will be a great song to get in the pit at the show!

I have to talk about "Denial" with it's slow dark intro leading into a hard hitting bass thump and down tuned power chord. The longest song on the album, and a little different then the ones before. A well balanced mix of fast heavy chords,and a dark melody played along clearly sung, and screamed lyrics. My favorite song so far! The next song to showcase has to be "Stridsugglan" from the start, just a fast paced riff, and the double kick bass drum pounding as the lyrics follow gingerly long. The song is must hear, another one I'd love to get in the pit too. A great solo, smashing chorus, and outstanding masterpiece.

The next song "False Conjunction" is another insanely fast, in your face, slap of metal mastery with a powerful breakdown. Hard hitting power chords, and an intense percussion section I feared I'd never hear anything close too after Big Vin passed away. A powerful song! Wow, I may have found my new favorite song. The song "The Cunning" is so good! Lyrically the best on the album, with instrumentals to match. Just a continuation of talent flowing from one song to the next. More heavy musical madness and a kickass chorus, these guys have a way of enhancing each song as they go. This is a must hear! The final song is the title track "From the Depths," and its the perfect finish to what has been the bare knuckle brawl in the pit that has been what this album is. A full bodied blend of the bands influences with all their unique styles. They took the finest parts of each of them, and threw it all into this track with its melodic intro, thrash, groove breakdown, hard heavy chorus, crushing solo, they held nothing back. Amazing finish to a truly great album!

Overall this was a great album from start to finish. I haven't heard an album like this in a long time. These guys are going to be big! Excellent tone, songwriting, production, and sound quality. It was so refreshing to listen to this, and get to review it. I highly recommend you support this band, you will not be disappointed!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"From The Depths" Track-listing:

1. The Path
2. Foul Deeds
3. Blackened One
4. We'll Rise
5. Golden
6. Denial
7. Stridsugglan
8. False Conjunction
9. Onyx
10. The Cunning
11. Personal Universe
12. From The Depths

Ravened Lineup:

Roles Isac Wendel - Vocals,
Lyrics Olle Liljegren - Guitar, Arrangements
Willy Eriksson - Guitar
Simon Sahlquist - Bass
Oliwer Svensson - Drums

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