Walk Through Fire (2009 reissue)


Fans of NWOBHM that may have overlooked them the first time, take note! The British […]
By Logan Roach
March 7, 2015
Raven - Walk Through Fire (2009 reissue) album cover

Fans of NWOBHM that may have overlooked them the first time, take note! The British Heavy Metal trio, RAVEN, have re-released their 12th studio album, "Walk Through Fire"! The aptly named release really does take you through 15 fiery tracks of early-era Heavy Metal relived! The intro alone sets perfectly such a mood.

"Intro" then leads into the highly energetic track, "Against the Grain" which is not only full of speed and powerful rhythm, but also includes bassist-vocalist, John Gallagher crowing like a raven! There are plenty shrilling vocals laced throughout the album, and the crowing certainly is a guarantee on that part. With fast and furious guitar riffs start to finish from brother, Mark Gallagher meshed accordingly with ample bass grooves and steady skin-beating by Joe Hasselvander, this album is sure to light a fire under your ass, and playing it when driving to work wouldn't be advised as you may put the pedal down a bit too hard and end up with the boys in blue flashing their lights and blaring sirens behind you in no time!

In no time flat, you'll hear blatant elements carried over into 1980s Thrash Metal galore! It really isn't hard to find traces of RAVEN'S influences within the early works of the likes of The Big 4 and other top notch bands such as NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SODOM and SADUS or even early Black Metal such as VENOM and MERCYFUL FATE! It's really no wonder that the album's 8th track, "Trainwreck" could easily be any Hesher's alma mater anthem. Track 7, "Long Day's Journey" also takes you back to the days of ACDC before their partying caught up to them and started conspiring murder. The intro/pre-chorus riff falls perfectly into Angus Young refrain, so you know it's a great track!

Another track that really grabbed my attention on a personal level was "Hard Road". It really has uplifting and motivating lyrics with a message almost anyone can relate to and find some personal solace in when the going gets tough. Also, while this clearly isn't a live album, it did include a live version of "The King" from their 7th studio album, "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess", 1988 which was well-recorded and mastered. "Walk Through Fire" then comes to an end with a cover of "Space Station #5" by MONTROSE that all the old-schoolers are sure to dig!

This album is sure to grab any listener's ears over and over again as if it were a beast with an insatiable hunger for eardrums! Need I say more?

8 / 10


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"Walk Through Fire (2009 reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Intro 

2. Against the Grain 

3. Breaking You Down

4. Under Your Radar 

5. Walk Through Fire 

6. Bulldozer

7. Long Day's Journey
8. Trainwreck 

9. Grip 

10. Running Around in Circles

11. Hard Road

12. Armageddon

13. Attitude 

14. The King (Live)*

15. Space Station #5 (Montrose cover)

Raven Lineup:

John Gallagher - Bass/Vocals
Mark Gallagher - Guitar

Joe Hasselvander - Drums

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