The Elder's Anthology

Rapheumets Well

Within Metal there are four types of destinies for bands:  those that rise to the […]
By Tatianny Ruiz
November 5, 2018
Rapheumets Well - The Elder's Anthology album cover

Within Metal there are four types of destinies for bands:  those that rise to the top, those that remain stagnant, those that disappear into oblivion, and those that undergo any reformulation and situation and rise up often stronger than when they began. Here is the dilemma of the exchange of members and so many other details that lead a band to undergo a restructuring more than necessary, this was the fate of the American band RAPHEUMETS WELL in the last year when its number of members was only two and exactly everything it needed to be rebuilt.  As everyone knows, it takes a good game to re-adapt things and make them work as well as before, but this band is back in the game as potent, cunning and volatile as before, now counting on a new guitarist and bassist , plus two clever female vocalists, Shay Hecate and her vocal wrath and Taylor Maltba with a more melodic perception.

Perhaps you may have never heard of this name, but do not get lost in the pronunciation, RAPHEUMETS WELL ("Rah-few-mets") can be a band at the top of your playlist if you enjoy FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, SEPTICFLESH, or the renowned DIMMU BORGIR. Merging a unique sound of Death metal and Progressive lines to their own universe of science fiction and fantasy themes, they push the listener abruptly in a symphonic environment where all the direct musicality rushes to his mind turning the hearing into a very exclusive and great experience.

The American band from North Carolina is what I call exponent in the Extreme Metal, an incendiary beast that now presents to the public the "The Elder's Anthology," which is nothing more than a re-creation of chosen tracks of the three previous albums of the band, "Dimensions," "The Exile," and "Enders Door," and a greeting card of new members alongside the constant Joshua "Nassaru" Ward, always electrifying the tracks with latent vocal lines and unexpected clean elements.

So be it sounding like hell in "Resurrecting The Blood Gate" and your journey between sharp guitars, synths and plains of horror, or in "Dimensions" with futuristic melodies and cinematic horror RAPHEUMETS WELL perform a brilliant job keeping the mind of the listener in suspense even with previously known tracks.

"Witch of Darkspire" in turn fell to the ground as anchor for this album, in addition to possessing a curious story and vortex tune, remembering that this video clip won in a bloody and immersed in nude macabre tale in censored format that takes you directly to the world created by RAPHEUMETS WELL.

The stage is set and "The Elder's Anthology" is just the beginning of the story in nine tracks that will prove to you that regardless of changes in the line-up the name RAPHEUMETS WELL already have their own life inside Extreme Metal.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Elder's Anthology" Track-listing:

1. Resurrecting The Blood Gate
2. Dimensions
3. Crucible of Titans
4. Resurgence
5. Witch of Darkspire
6. The Betrayer (Part One)
7. They Cometh In Fire
8. Distress On The Aberrant Planet
9. Ghost Walkers Exodus

Rapheumets Well Lineup:

Shay Hecate - Lead Vocals
Taylor Maltba - Clean/Operatic vocals
Hunter Ross - Guitar
Daniel Presnell - Guitar
Alex Rush - Bass/Vocals
Joshua "Nassaru" Ward - Drums, Keys, Vocals
Special Guest:  Aaron Rogers - Keys and Orchestrations

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