Possessed By Rancho

Rancho Bizzarro

Livorno, Italy is where RANCHO BIZZARRO call home and perfect their homespun blend of Hard, […]
By Dave Nowels
August 27, 2019
Rancho Bizzarro - Possessed By Rancho album cover

Livorno, Italy is where RANCHO BIZZARRO call home and perfect their homespun blend of Hard, Psych, Stoner/Desert rock. Dig BRANT BJORK with a sliver of SABBATH and to add a bit of originality, The MC5 tossed in? If you're nodding your head affirmatively, then RANCHO BIZZARRO is going to be something you'll appreciate.

"Possessed By Rancho" is the band's third official release, and comes at us via the mighty Argonauta Records.  It's an EP, containing 5 tracks and only clocks in at a meager 24 minutes. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, "Possessed By Rancho" is a fun, groovy record. I just wish there was more to it. The band's previous release "Mondo Rancho" was also an EP and only contained 4 tracks, so we're at least improving some. Yet, their initial album, the eponymous "Rancho Bizzarro" was more in line as a full length, with 7 total songs.  I guess we'll wait and see what the future holds.

RANCHO BIZZARRO is a four piece instrumental ensemble, and this suits them quite well. The dual guitar assault of Micheli and Gabicorti is just nasty. I don't know who is playing what, but the riffs are the best king of crunchy, while the leads soar. Through it all, Orsini's bass lines create a secondary riff that seems to accentuate and propel the songs. Melosi's kit work is steady, driving and intriguing all the same. Track one, "Open Bar Deluxe's" Opening riff chugs away almost unbelievably powerful. "King of the Van" displays a bit of the SABBATH influence I mentioned earlier, but also never shies away from the drone of the Desert influence.

"El Motardo Loco" sees Melosi's drums take center stage initially before the MC5 vibe fuels the riff for the rest of song. Feedback,and a real strong garage band feel dominates this one. Still though, it retains that Desert feel. "The Vengeance of Lord Humungus" utilizes dialog from the movie Mad Max 2 and could easily become the theme music for this favorite villain should a prequel ever get rehashed. The album comes to a close much quieter than it began with the keyboard sounds of  "Giusquiamo Slow Drink". While it may appear somewhat out of kilter with the remainder of the EP, I actually found it a really nice closing piece. Not sure who is playing here, as the keys aren't credited on any of my material. Regardless, it's nice. "Possessed By Rancho" as a whole is damn nice. RANCHO BIZZARRO didn't exactly reinvent the wheel here, but the did take a different approach somewhat, and it's definitely worth a listen.

8 / 10









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"Possessed By Rancho" Track-listing:

1. Open Bar Deluxe
2. King ofthe Van
3. El Motardo Loco
4. The Vengence of Lord Humungus
5. Giusquiamo Slow Drink

Rancho Bizzarro Lineup:

Matteo Micheli - Guitar
Marco Gambicorti - Guitar
Izio Orsini - Bass
Federico Melosi - Drums

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