Anarquia y Destrucción


RAMERA is a one-man Thrash Metal band from Bogotá, Colombia. "Anarquia y Destrucción" is bandleader […]
By Alex Barnard
July 12, 2022
Ramera - Anarquia y Destrucción album cover

RAMERA is a one-man Thrash Metal band from Bogotá, Colombia. "Anarquia y Destrucción" is bandleader Ratman's first full-length album, released by Ossuary Records on July 13, 2021 in a digital format only to see a physical that comes out this year.

There's a lot of raw power on this record. From Ratman's tortured screams to the proto-Thrash grooves of the riffs, everything about "Anarquia y Destrucción" feels like a time capsule from the early 80s. Tracks like "Iglesia Ramera" sound like a B side from SLAYER's "Show No Mercy," whereas other, slower tracks like "Aquelarre" give off more of a CARNIVORE vibe. Either way, this album is meant to absolutely melt your face.

My only complaint is that the production is a little overbearing. Everything feels like it's been compressed up the wazoo, to the point where it's almost clipping. You can especially hear this in the drum tracks, which unfortunately only accentuates the fact that they were programmed. Nothing wrong with programmed drums, but it's often wise to make them sound a little more authentic by changing up the note velocities.

Other highlights from this album include the title track, with its funky bassline breakdown and all-out punk attitude; "Bullet Rainfall," with its clear influence from early SEPULTURA and breakneck speed; and "Inquisición," a truly haunting introduction to any album, but especially this one.

Overall, this is a pretty decent record. Despite production gripes, the music on "Anarquia y Destrucción" shines through, and Ratman's abilities as a Metal composer deserve a high praise. It seems fitting that I do this review after listening to early SLAYER for about a week, as this album is definitely in keeping with tradition of proto-Thrash acts from the early 80s. If that's the sound that you have been craving lately, be sure to pop on this LP and let yourself be taken back to your favorite mosh pit.

7 / 10









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"Anarquia y Destrucción" Track-listing:

1. Inquisición
2. Aquelarre
3. Iglesia Ramera
4. Anarquia y Destrucción
5. Comandos de Guerra
6. Bullet Rainfall
7. Reign of Doom (Forbidden Realm)

Ramera Lineup:

Ratman - All instruments

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