Humanity Has Failed

Ramage Inc

Taking on a concept album of this magnitude was ambitious, indeed. A couple of songs weren’t as memorable as the entire album as a whole, so the band can work on that. But the message was strong and the music was strong. Enjoy this album as I did.
November 21, 2023

From their EPK, “The state of our planet, nature and human development over the centuries has been fertile ground for creators of art all over the spectrum. It takes a special kind of intensity however, to sketch out the situation humanity is in right now. Especially knowing what will happen if change does not come. Few bands can pull of a message like this with the conviction that is required. That is where RAMAGE INC comes in. There is something new beneath the surface. An urgency that was already present in their earlier work, but this time it’s turned up to maximum effect. An album that is meant to be felt in the whole body, like any good metal record would. But also one that resonates in the soul and mind. The message presented over this 79+ minute exposé is clear: If humanity keeps going like this, there won’t be much earth left to enjoy in the future. The band is aided on this album by a host of guest singers who help.”

The album has 15 songs, and “Fallen” is first. The opening tones are heavy and droning at times, almost like Progressive Sludge, or reminiscent of ALICE IN CHAINS. Listen to the power in the main riff.  The title track is equally as sludgy, and the vocal harmonies add a bit of seasoning to the otherwise doleful sound. The vocals lament with the best of them, and you can really feel the pain and sense of urgency in the music. “Dune Future” paints a bleak picture of our future with some great bass work along with the punchy, powerful riff. The lead guitar breaks bring an element of psychedelic along with them, and “desert flair” of the music transports the listener to a place where everything is covered in sand.

“Live Each Day” has an almost jovial sound, in the sense of romantic dread. The guitars paint a picture of melody but the vocals are lamenting screams. This juxtaposition of sound is reminiscent for me of the daily grind of work, home, repeat. “Heat Waves” is a shorter song, consisting mostly of clean guitars and a droning riff over a backdrop of tension. “Time Won’t Heal” has another heavy, droning sound at first that moves into other territories with a hypnotic influence. That is another mainstay on the album…the riffs nearly hypnotize the listener and carry you away to a place in your dreams…or your nightmares. “Overexpansion” has magnanimous qualities. If you think the end of the world is coming, this song is the hand signal.

“Nothing to Fear” has a rousing and aggressive sound, from harsh vocals and a heavy riff. Much of the guitar work is dissonant hear and some Progressive elements come out as well. The message is clear…we have plenty to fear. “Unbalanced” has a heavy marching quality to it. The vocals are sang in a dead-man’s cadence and be warned, and take heed. When nature becomes unbalanced, we are all in trouble. “When All the Lights Go Out” is that first scenario that tells the nay-sayers that their hesitation will cost them. The sound is more ominous here…more apocalyptic. As it progresses, you feel a heightened sense of fear. “Call of the Wild” has a strange finality to it…the last frontier. “Barriers” has funky and sexy leads with a very heavy bottom end, as well as jovial elements at times.

“The Call for Klaatu” recounts a fictional humanoid alien character featured in the 1951 science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still. It has a sultry swing to it, and amidst the end of the world, things are pretty bland. “A Dream of Unity” is a final call for humans to wake up and think about the planet in terms of its totality. Is it too late? Overall, although the band has an original sound, a fifteen-track album is hefty. Taking on a concept album of this magnitude was ambitious, indeed. A couple of songs weren’t as memorable as the entire album as a whole, so the band can work on that. But the message was strong and the music was strong. Enjoy this album as I did.

8 / 10









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"Humanity Has Failed" Track-listing:

1. Fallen

2. Humanity Has Failed

3. Dune Future

4. Live Each Day

5. Heat Waves

6. Time Won’t Heal

7. Overexpansion

8. Storm of Endings

9. Nothing to Fear

10. Unbalanced

11. When All the Lights Go Out

12. Call of the Wild

13. Barriers

14. The Call for Klaatu

15. A Dream of Unity


Ramage Inc Lineup:

Bryan Ramage – Vocals, Guitars

Allan Forsyth – Guitars

Marcin Buczek – Bass

Paul Hameed – Drums

Lisa Mari Lathwell – Vocals

Tom de Wit – Vocals

Sin – Vocals

Sebastian Carrasco Robertson – Vocals

Tommy Concrete – Vocals

Donna Easton – Vocals


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