Human Deeds

Raining Nails

"Human Deeds" is a dynamic and energetic melodic Metal album with traditional Heavy Metal inspirations and a few Hardrock twists
December 4, 2023

RAINING NAILS hailing from Turin, Italy were formed in 2016. The melodic Metal outfit just release their debut album. “Human Deeds” was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by bassist Massimiliano Flak (DARK PASSAGE; HIGHLORD). The album has a length of almost 45 minutes, and it was released via Italian label Rockshots Records which have many Heavy, Power, and symphonic Metal bands among their current roster.

The album starts with many traditional Heavy Metal vibes in the opening guitar riffing to “A New Way To Walk On”. It is a mid-tempo track during the verse and chorus parts with the bridge slowing down a bit. The melodies for the chorus parts are catchy but with a few melancholic inspirations. The female vocals include the medium to higher end of the vocal range and certainly have a few Rock vibes. Highlight of the opening track is the extended lead guitar solo. “Chained” starts with heavy and pacey guitar riffing. It is a dynamic mid-tempo track, driven by the guitars and the vocals. The vocals include a few background vocals. The break starts with powerful riffing at a measured tempo, which quickly transitions back to the mid-tempo rhythm for the lead guitar solo. Despite the heavy riffing, “Chained” is an easy-to-listen track with a simple verse/chorus/break structure. It continues like that in “Every Angel Has Its Demon” with the tempo, the rhythm, and the heavy riffing. There are a couple of tempo changes throughout the track as introduced by the bridges. The break is an interesting one as it consists of a few parts, the first one driven by the vocals, and the second one by the lead guitar solo.

Queens Of Thorns” starts with a short guitar pre-lude, transitioning into a track at measured tempo with a dark melodic framework driven by powerful guitar riffing. The chorus part with its melodies has a certain catchiness although darkness in the melodies prevails. The break starts already after the first verse/chorus cycle and leads into a contributing lead guitar solo. The vocals are the focal point of the track and vocalist Marika Vanni uses the opportunity to shine with her versatility and vocal range. “Queens Of Thorns” has been released as video, and the YouTube link is provided below. “Headcrusher” has – as the name suggests – a crushing start with the guitar riffing. It is a mid-tempo track and one of those with a simple verse/chorus structure. The track has many Rock and traditional Heavy Metal vibes, in particular with the guitar riffing and the melodies of the guitar solo. “Close To You” starts with the acoustic guitars, the piano, and the vocals leading to the album ballad. It is another track, where the vocalist is in the focus, and Marika Vanni leads, besides the piano, excellently through the track. I never fall in love with the ballads, but I have to say, “Close To You” is one of the best album songs, and it becomes more and more powerful as the track goes on. “Not Strong Enough” starts with a lead guitar solo, transitioning into another quiet song. The song is at least ballad-esque features with the tempo and the melodies. However, as the track goes on, it becomes heavier driven by the guitar riffing and the ultimate highlight is the extended lead guitar solo. In addition, Marika Vanni shows again, that those type of songs work towards her vocal strengths, and she has another excellent performance.

Anthem” starts with a short string intro, leading into thunderous guitar riffing. After two slow tracks, the album goes back to its mid-tempo mode. There are no rhythm changes during the verse and chorus parts. The melodies are driven by the guitar riffing and the vocals. “Anthem” is not so straightforward as it sounds, there are a few different melodies during the different parts of the track, however, the most “anthemic” are surely the chorus vocal lines. “Refuge” is a more dynamic mid-tempo track with heavy riffing and many Hardrock vibes in both, the riffing and the vocals. It is probably one of the fastest album tracks, even though the break leading to the lead guitar solo slows down a bit. One feature of “Refuge” is the more prominent use of the keyboard. The album finishes with “Rage Of Justice” and it starts with an extended instrumental part led by the guitar riffing. The mid-tempo track has a bit more technicality in the riffing, which is tight at times. The melodies are catchy, especially the chorus melodies, and altogether it is a very positive and energizing song. “Rage Of Justice” is a good way to end the album.   

RAINING NAILS deliver an interesting debut album. It is a melodic Metal with some traditional Heavy Metal inspirations and a few Hardrock twists. It is a dynamic and energetic album, driven by the guitars and the vocals. Most album tracks have cool and contributing lead guitar solos. Another album highlight is the versatility of the vocals. The album is well produced. “Human Deeds” has many aspects, melodic Metal fans will like, and the album will surely have its good share of fans.

7 / 10









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"Human Deeds" Track-listing:
  1. A New Way To Walk On
  2. Chained
  3. Every Angel Has Its Demon
  4. Queens Of Thorns
  5. Headcrusher
  6. Close To You
  7. Not Strong Enough
  8. Anthem
  9. Refuge
  10. Rage Of Justice


Raining Nails Lineup:

Marika Vanni – Vocals

Giacomo Paradiso – Guitars

Mattia Rubino – Drums

Massimiliano Flak – Bass

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