Speak of The Dead


What's wrong with those people? Rage used to be a kick-ass band! Now? I think […]
By Michael Dalakos
March 6, 2006
Rage - Speak of The Dead album cover

What's wrong with those people? Rage used to be a kick-ass band! Now? I think a song's title from the new album fits like a glove on what's going on: Confused. After two decades of activity, Rage seem to have lost their direction. From their early Thrash days, to the Power / Thrash period, to the Power Metal period, to the symphonic Lingua Mortis period, back to the Power Metal period and now somewhere between all these?
Peavy claims that they didn't want to make a full length with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra since they have done it in the past. So they did half an album? What the fuck? Does this make any sense? Like the rest of the songs are stripped by symphonic touch? To be honest with you, for me the album starts when the Lingua Mortis Orchestra ends. The first part of the album is full of totally meaningless orchestral shit. Why does the orchestra sound like a rhythm guitar? What's the point in that?
And even then things don't get any better. Yeah, the album has a couple of killers like Turn My World Around and Be With Me Or You Should Be Gone but that can't really save the day. Victor Smolski is a guitar God but Rage can't become his personal vessel of exploration. Is it my idea or does everything in here rotate around Victor's guitar playing?
By far one of the most boring Rage albums ever. Too bad...

5 / 10


"Speak of The Dead" Track-listing:

Mortituri Te Salutant
Prelude Of Souls
No Regrets
No Fear
Soul Survivor
Full Moon
Kill Your Gods
Turn My World Around
Be With Me Or Be Gone
Speak Of The Dead

Tracks 1-8: featuring Suite Lingua Mortis

Rage Lineup:

Peavy Wagner - Vocals & Bass
Victor Smolski - Guitars & Keyboards
Mike Terrana - Drums

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