German power metal band Rage have been around for an impressive forty years now. To […]
June 13, 2024

German power metal band Rage have been around for an impressive forty years now. To celebrate this milestone 2024 brings Afterlifelines. This 2 CD set consisting of Cd1 Afterlife in typical Rage style with modern touches, with CD2 Lifelines is fully orchestrated with the support from Duisberg's keyboardist Marco Grassoff Founder member Peavy Wagner and his comrades have released lots of albums which are considered to be immortal classics, Afterlifelines will no doubt fall into that category in time with its fans all over the world.2024 looks like been a busy year for Rage with festival appearances in Canada, Scandinavia, Germany ,Spain and lots more booked in for the year its looking like a busy year indeed for this power metal trio.

An intro starts off disc one in a mellow yet atmospheric way which has acoustic guitar and orchestral elements then we kick of into “Land Of Illusions” which is a monster of a track its heavy ,hard hitting drums ,heavy guitar riffs and superb solos ,which sets the mood and direction of the first disc. ”Under The Crown”, ”Dead Man's Eyes” are other examples of fast paced tempos ,melodies and played with velocity very heavy power metal and thrash metal classic Rage. There is also some more anthemic tracks like the title track “Afterlife”, ”Toxic Waves” and “Waterwar” while still keeping that power metal and thrash metal sound but when it comes to the chorus they take a more melodic metal twist which adds diversity and variety to the sound of the album a perfect example of this is “Justice Will Be Mine” which is one of the highlight tracks for me. ”Shadow World” and “Life Among Ruins” another two great tracks which have a modern metal touch blended with some classic heavy metal riffs. Throughout this first disc there is some great guitar riffs ,solos from Jean Borman, ”Lucky” plays some great hard hitting drums while “Peavy” is in fine form vocally and some great heavy basslines.

Disc 2 of “Afterlifelines” is as mentioned earlier is orchestral blended with power metal and thrash metal. I'm a huge fan when bands do this sort of thing it just sounds so epic and some bands have created some musical masterpieces doing this. With Rage this is no exception “Cold Desire” starts off so calm building with the orchestra then a wall of thrash metal with growling vocals, fast paced drums and guitar riffs with the orchestra prominent in the background a musical spectacle a great track the sound is phenomenal. ”Root Of Our Evil” another track with fast tempo ,with some great guitar hooks, runs and riffs .”Curse The Night” a more moody mid tempo track with some great keyboard layers from Marco Grassoff .”One World” the orchestra high up in the mix in some parts works very well in this more melodic metal style track. ”Its All Too Much” another great example of power metal meets orchestra while we come to a more slower track in “Dying To Live” which has more of a folk music sound to it yet another side to Rage's musical style a great track. ”Lifelines” the title track for this disc is a epic over 10 minutes in length track is the highlight of the whole album there is everything in this track vocally ,musically its just a spectacle which should be appreciated for its musical technicality. ”Interlude” showcases the orchestra and again Marco Grassoff's superb keyboard skills. "In The End" brings this album to a close in spectacular fashion. Some great acoustic guitar blended in with the orchestral touches work at the beginning and end of the track, which in the mid track is a powerful build up with powerful vocals and an amazing guitar solo a fitting end to this album.

Rage “Afterlifelines” is such a great album. Disc 1 “Afterlife” is a great power metal  which is going to make this 2 disc set one of this years best albums in this genre without no question,11 great tracks which have some variety to their sound and delivery, The mastering and production is the right balance nothing overpowers the vocals, guitars, bass or drums they are all equally prominent in the tracks which makes the songs sound fantastic and that's why Rage have been around for 40 years. Disc 2 “Lifelines” is a musical spectacle again great production, great songs the orchestral balance with Rage's sound is on point. An album definitely worth listening to and purchasing.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Afterlifelines" Track-listing:

Disc 1

1.In The Beginning

2.End Of Illusions

3.Under A Black Crown


5.Dead Man's Eyes


7.Toxic Waves


9.Justice Will Be Mine

10.Shadow World

11.Life Among The Ruins

Disc 2

1.Cold Desire

2.Root Of Our Evil

3.Curse The Night

4.One World It's All Too Much

5.It's All Too Much

6.Dying To Live

7.The Flood



10.In The End

Rage Lineup:

Peter “Peavy” Wagner – Vocals and Bass

Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos – Drums

Jean Borman – Guitars

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