The ubiquitous Tommy Denander is surely one of the busiest musician in Sweden, with more […]
March 21, 2015
Radioactive - Four album cover

The ubiquitous Tommy Denander is surely one of the busiest musician in Sweden, with more than a 30 years career as a respected studio guitarist/songwriter and successful producer including some of the most famous name in the industry written in golden letter in his pedigree, Tommy is also rightly ranked as one of the finest guitar players in the world, this is the review for one of his most highlighted project, this is the 10 years in the making, long awaited fourth episode of RADIOACTIVE pertinently titled "F4ur".

For the newcomers, recently these CD's have been released in one triple CD Digi-pack called "Legacy" by Escape Music Records (ESM257) and the CD's feature many bonus tracks, so it's not to late .

After the great but still a little underrated album by IMPERA (the January 2015 released "Empire Of Sin" which deserves more attention by our regulars here), Mr. Denander is back with another brilliant album, an awesome high class AOR/west coast affair, based after the timeless recipe with lush arrangements, subtle keyboards layers but surprisingly a strong barrage of six strings burning riffage that will be praised by many purist and it clearly will be featured in most of the top release of 2015...

As always with Tommy's perfectionism, the technical side is flawless, in matching coherence with highest standards of the mainstream production... wonderfully mixed by Lars Chriss.

Invariably the guests are famous and numerous, no wonder why the list of contributors is so impressive:

Under the Tommy Denander's supervision they are all in the perfect spotlight to shine, they all sang extremely well, which resulted in an almost perfect album containing 12 songs plus an ending instrumental tribute "Memoriam".

Another triumphal album with a brilliant cast of top vocalists, the cream of the crop in the AOR genre.

Unfortunately, some of the participants (Jimi Jamison & Fergie Frederiksen) has left us prematurely, this album may be the best posthumous legacy for them, but honestly I must confess that this may be the finest eternal testament that they could have destined to their fans

Indeed, the opening cut "Summer Rains" sung by Jimi Jamison (ex SURVIVOR) is exulting and clearly the most exemplary melodic rock styled song, for the divine voice of Mr. Jamison...RIP.

Same comment for "Back To The Game", indeed an excellent and elegant number with ex-TOTO/LEROUX vocalist Fergie Frederiksen who delivers a magnificent performance for the posterity !

My favorite track? is the prog-like track "The Piper" that features the famous KANSAS legendary vocalist Steve Walsh who is quite memorable on this glorious gospel's influenced one, recalling his legendary era with Mike Slamer under the STREETS moniker !

Of course each songs contains some furious slab of guitar frenzy, but obviously the songs are crafted around each vocal talent more than anything else !

The amazing mohawk survivor Jean Beauvoir (ex CROWN OF THORNS) & THE HOUSE OF LORDS leader James Christian are further exposed in their best moments with some marvelous tunes to sing.

The David Roberts fronted "Alibi" in another era could have been an huge hit single on daily hard rotation...A real radio-friendly track with a great 80's feeling.

That's what I call an all-star project... only complaint this time no trace of genius vocalist Geir Ronning (PRISONER)...Maybe next time !

When in 1991, Tommy Denander started his very own project called RADIOACTIVE, nobody's would have bet a dime, that he has so far released four unforgettable albums that are highly praised by both media and fans as classic AOR albums... everyone but Escape music's boss Khalil Turk: congratulations mate-y !

Now, I am already waiting for the hypothetical new release of PRISONER/RAINMAKER/TALK OF THE TOWN... since then, the starving fans of inspired classic rock/AOR of the best brand, can go blindly to buy this silver platter.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Four" Track-listing:

1. Summer Rains - Jimi Jamison
2. Back To The Game - Fergie Frederiksen
3. Beautiful Lies - Jeff Paris,
4. The Piper - Steve Walsh
5. Alibis - David Roberts
6. When The Silence Gets Too Loud - Robin Beck
7. You'll Find The Fire - Jean Beauvoir
8. Heart Come Alive - Bobby Kimball
9. Start All Over - Jeff Paris
10. If Only My Memory Could Lie - Dan Reed
11. Natural Born Dreamer - Jeff Paris
12. Give Me Your Loving - James Christian
13. Memoriam

Radioactive Lineup:

Tommy Denander - Lead Guitars/Keyboards/Programming

Jimi Jamison - Lead Vocals

Fergie Frederiksen - Lead Vocals

Jeff Paris - Lead Vocals

Steve Walsh - Lead Vocals

David Roberts - Lead Vocals

Robin Beck - Lead Vocals

Jean Beauvoir - Lead Vocals

Bobby Kimball - Lead Vocals

Dan Reed - Lead Vocals

James Christian - Lead Vocals

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