The Pain You Feel


R is the solo project of Riccardo Favara which already in his 2nd album. XILLA's […]
By Matan "Shouter" Yaniv
March 24, 2015
R - The Pain You Feel album cover

R is the solo project of Riccardo Favara which already in his 2nd album. XILLA's singer released his first solo album in the early 2014 in Italy, and since then the project leader moved to Birmingham, in the UK. In 2015, came out brand new album "The Pain You Feel" that produced by Dario Di Matteo.

The first song "Cold" is one of the best songs in the album in my opinion. It's a beautiful opener that uses a great chorus and a strong bridge but the most special piece in the song is the powerful and dark melody that been mixed in the song. The thing that I liked is that dark melody actually gave me a clue to what the writer felt when he wrote this song. The result is an amazing song that gave me a lot of hopes for this album.

The second track ,"Let it Out", starts with amazing solo that reminds me of AVENGED SEVENFOLD and ALTER BRIDGE, but it all stops when the singing part starts. The song is very touching to the heavy Pop Rock genre, which is not really a kind of genre that I liked. Maybe because of this, this song is not my favorite choice. Still the melody works and still the sound is great but the high level singing and the slow lyrics is something that I personally didn't like.

"Shine" is a beautiful oldschool love ballad.  The guitar performance is very emotional and the writing is just genius. The lyrics are very good, and I'm not saying great because I'm not a big fan of love lyrics but for its very good lyrics for this kind of writing.

The album self-titled song is with no doubt one of the most fun and geniuses songs in the album. It's a heavier song than the previous tracks and the first song that actually I can consider it as a Metal song. The dark melody that been in the first track is striking us again, the energy of the song is amazing and from above all the song highlighted the winning catchy chorus.

After the most exiting self-titled, comes "Fall" which, as the song name, sees a slowing-down in the tempo. Do you think that it's saying that the song is not like the others? You are very right. It's not even better, it's the best song in this album. The lyrics are so dark and emotional, the chorus is very strong and all the parts are coming together like puzzle pieces.

In the bottom line, Richardo Favara and who ever that helps him did an excellent job in the album. The songs are great, they managed to transfer the feeling of the project's leader felt when he wrote those songs. I may have a little problem with some parts that been not like the greater songs in the album. Still I loved this album and I recommend to all the Alternative fans to hear this band.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"The Pain You Feel" Track-listing:

1. Rise Again
2. Cold
3. Let It Out
4. Shine
5. The Pain You Feel
6. Fall
7. Don't Stop
8. Time
9. Killing Floor
10. Lullaby

R Lineup:

Riccardo Favara - All Instruments

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