The Anastoria


QANTICE, hailing from France is the evidence that symphonic metal still has lots of tricks […]
By John Paul Romero
March 31, 2019
Qantice - The Anastoria album cover

QANTICE, hailing from France is the evidence that symphonic metal still has lots of tricks to reveal. More than just your typical symphonic metal, QANTICE combines elements that create a very progressive, unpredictable, anthemic, positive, and energy-filled kind of music. This is that kind of power metal variety that will put a childish grin in your face throughout its playtime.

The very first song will hook you instantly. The positive energy it possesses is reminiscent of TWILIGHT FORCE's "Heroes of Mighty Magic". Orchestral arrangements are on top form, and the shredfest is on. David Åkesson's voice nearly sounds exactly like Fabio Lione, but with a much higher pitch. The single "Without a Hero" is a true epic anthem. It has a mid-paced tempo, a massive buildup between the verses and choruses, a hooking pre-chorus and a ridiculously catchy chorus. I love how loud the bass is in this track, as it puts strong bedrock of sound while letting the guitars and orchestras run the show.

What's been the dominating element in the album except for the big symphonies is Aurélien's crazy fast drumming. This provides the crunch in every song and also provides a thunderous layer beneath the symphonic façade.

While aggressive tempo is the name of the game for most of the tracks, the album also has a share of a power ballad in "Cosmic Sway". Here they have shown their classic slow rock side especially on guitars, and the solo says it all. However, despite the heavy emotions expressed in the song, they still managed to give it a touch of magic. As the album progresses, you'll also notice that no song sounds exactly like the other but the positive aura is omnipresent.

Among the songs stand two tracks (except "Without a Hero") that has a very unique appeal. First is "Rivers Can't Fly". Here, they exhibited their ultimate classical and folk prowess - from the intro, the riffs, the passages and the solo. It possesses a really high energy and a very catchy and anthemic chorus. The other song is "Little Knight's Oath". This song is sure to keep you smiling for full four minutes. The marching tune of the intro lead by the drums, trumpet and violin is a showstopper. The overall mood of the song is simply happy. The adventurous vibe is the heart and soul of the song.

Pride and Joy Music did it again. This label is one of those labels that consistently release high quality power metal albums. The album will surely get the approval of symphonic power metal fans with ease. The band has a lot of talent to showcase, and with a new vocalist and violinist in the lineup, you know this band still has lots of horizons to explore and crafts to develop.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Anastoria" Track-listing:

1. Gone Astray
2. Once Upon a Sun
3. Without a Hero
4. Petrified Manor
5. Rivers Can't Fly
6. Cosmic Sway
7. Little Knight's Oath
8. Fractal Universe
9. Krooner
10. Timeline Tragedy
11. Mad Clowns
12. Farewell at the Edge of the World

Qantice Lineup:

David Åkesson - Vocals, Trumpet
Tony Beaufils - Guitars, Banjo, Bouzouki, Synths and Orchestration
Alexandra Laya - Violin
Christine Lanusse - Bass
Aurélien Joucla - Drums

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