Transcending to R'lyeh


PYTHONISSAM formed in the United States in 2021. They are a Funeral Doom band. They […]
April 24, 2022
Pythonissam - Transcending to R'lyeh album cover

PYTHONISSAM formed in the United States in 2021. They are a Funeral Doom band. They present their second album here titled "Transcending to R'lyeh," which contains five lengthy songs. "Wandering the Realm of N'Kai" leads off the album. It opens with clean guitars and depressive tones. A weighted riff enters, slow and lumbering. The vocals are so quiet they barely register. It sounds like the rumblings of an old forest tree swaying gently in the wind. Some backing vocals come in later along with some background ambiance, as the main riff slowly gives way.

"Blessing of Yog-Sogoth" also begins with clean guitars and more solemn, desperate tones. The main riff enters so low, the strings reverberate for what seems like forever. Again, the vocals barely register as whispers, in a guttural delivery. The sound drops to clean guitars around the half-way mark, exploring the burnt-out landscape as it smolders all around. The dire sound returns, as dark as the night. "The Great Old Ones" begins with a heavy, pounding riff and background keys. The sound is so desperate, you feel as if the end of the world is approaching, and you cannot hide from it. Following the half-way mark, some eerie lead guitars some in to further the harrowing feeling, and the song ends on a strong note.

"Sea of Cosmic Dread" begins with thunderous notes and some more background elements in support. It rolls forward for what seems like forever with the same melancholy and gutting sounds, until a break close to the half-way mark. In the background, something bubbles. What follows is pure evil, though it does not show its form. "Worlds Consumed" closes the album. It opens with a brutal, punishing sound in a world where the sun simply doesn't exist. From there, it's an exercise in keeping you down and destroying your will. Each day is filled with arctic winds and an abundance of snow, which will eventually absorb you completely.

The album was good but fell into the "most of the songs sound the same" category. Funeral Doom can often be like this. I am not asking the band to reinvent the wheel, but even some variation could go a long way to expand their sound, especially in the vocals and guitar work. It's too one-dimensional for uniform. But there is potential here, if the band can work in at least a little diversity to their sound.

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Transcending to R'lyeh" Track-listing:

1. Wandering the Realm of N'kai
2. Blessing of Yog-Sogoth
3. The Great Old Ones
4. Sea of Cosmic Dread
5. Worlds Consumed

Pythonissam Lineup:

Foster Gilbert - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys and Samples, Mastering
Derek Jacobsen - Vocals and Lyrics, Additional Guitars, Shaman Drum, Samples, Logo

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