Cascading Inferno


PUTRISECT, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland has teamed up with Blood Harvest Records to release their debut […]
By Kayla Hutton
October 25, 2018
Putrisect - Cascading Inferno album cover

PUTRISECT, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland has teamed up with Blood Harvest Records to release their debut mini-album, "Cascading Inferno" that came to the public's light on October 26th 2018. Having formed in 2013 PUTRISECT have a self released E.P. from 2014 and shared 2 splits in 2016. Old school elements drip from bleeding wounds as "Desolate Infinity" descends into the madness of a rabid dog. Thick, full, and bottom heavy low end. Vocals that took a good lesson from classic bands like MORTICIAN. Keeping that growl deep and profound. There are also heaping helpings of fast paced, high speed picking that ends in sustained dropped tuned strange harmonies that seem out of key in a persistently spooky kind of way.

There definitely is something more grotesque and dark going here. "Godless Malice" is a well oiled machine of doomsday deliverance. If you took the discarded carcass of 90's death metal and put it into a blender that has rusty, old and cracked blades chipping off into the puree, and ya went ahead and drank that down, you'd smile in delight as the blade particles rip at the back of your throat. Becoming more apparent that this signature sound echo's throughout, it is definitely unique. Of course you can tell PUTRISECT draw influence from the scrapping of the barrel that spawn a more bassy wall of sound there are mixed elements of black metal tremolo picking, speed metal blasting, and a bit of the underground Swedes.

"Mechanics of Murder" is just gnarly. Horror filled with darkness in which lurks the monster beneath the sheets. Grinding metal on metal awaits as you peel back the layers of this death metal sledgehammer. Destine to be a soundtrack backing the heavy steps of a beast that slowly stomps along it's path of destruction. While the audio production could be a little better it still captures that low end thickness with pristine perfection defined in the 90's. The vocals are simply astounding and highly sought after. The guitars being more clear would have made this more appealing, however it may have taken away from the impenetrable concrete wall of kill or be killed sound. "Cascading Inferno" is the start of something enchantingly wicked. PUTRISECT is a force to be reckoned with. Keep on eye on these guys,. It's only going to get more sick.

8 / 10









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"Cascading Inferno" Track-listing:

1. Cascading Inferno
2. Desolate Infinity
3. Realm of Malevolence
4. Godless Malice
5. Euphoric Insanity
6. Mechanics of Murder

Putrisect Lineup:

E. Harting - Vocals
Matt - Bass
Jackson - Drums
Paul - Guitars
Arturo - Guitars

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