Under The Cemetery

Putrid Coffin

PUTRID COFFIN are a Chilean Death Metal band with some Thrash influences. There is little […]
By Santiago Puyol
March 29, 2019
Putrid Coffin- Under The Cemetery album cover

PUTRID COFFIN are a Chilean Death Metal band with some Thrash influences. There is little to no information about the band, but "Under the Cemetery" seems to be their debut album as far as Google is concerned.

The 7-track, half-hour album gets started right off the bat with some thrashy drumming and tons of distortion, breaking all hell loose. "Dark Master" is a fun opener, even if it takes a while before it sets into a nice groove. The song sets the mood for the whole record, as PUTRID COFFIN rarely go beyond what's presented here on the rest of "Under the Cemetery".

"Utopian Tale" follows next, bringing even more mayhem and chaos into the mix, with the fast drumming sounding almost machine-like at points. Still, the middle section of the track gets interesting enough to keep an attentive listener entertained, with some fun syncopation of the drums.

"Coffin" brings a better sense of rhythm with its Thrash-inspired drums and some nice riffing from the guitar at the very beginning. It gets zanier two thirds in, and although it features a shredding guitar solo, it gets so drowned in the mix it is hard to fully appreciate it. This is a clear example of the extremely raw-sounding production of the record. Although an album like this seems like a sure candidate for rawness, the production manages to hurt it.

"Flesh Hunter" and "Black Vomit Capitalism" compete for having the best intros on the album. Both manage to be the most interesting and unique tracks here, too. The former has some intricate guitar soloing at the very beginning and a short bluesy breakdown, which gives way to a BLACK SABBATH-inspired riff in its second half. "Black Vomit Capitalism"begins with some nice thunderstorm sound effects, before what seems to be distorted bass introduces a deep melody. Then everything moves to 'chaos mode' again.

There is some nice use of ride and clash cymbals on "Ancient Times" that better production could make shine; though I am baffled by the use of a quick fade-out at the end of the track. The worst offender is closing track "Destruction Feeling" which feels quite underwhelming for the very end of a record with its long fade-out.

"Under the Cemetery" shows a lot of promise, but the band still seems to be searching for a voice of their own. Better production wouldn't hurt too. For instance, the bass is barely audible here, and it just disappears at points.

There's some interesting stuff here, and being a short record makes it easier to enjoy. Good for blowing some steam off to the sound of brutality.

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Under The Cemetery" Track-listing:

1. Dark Master
2. Utopian Tale
3. Coffin
4. Flesh Hunter
5. Ancient Times
6. Black Vomit Capitalism
7. Destruction Feeling

Putrid Coffin Lineup:


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