Quindeccenial Horror


If you follow the development of the Swedish Death metal scene then the name PUTERAEON […]
April 24, 2024

If you follow the development of the Swedish Death metal scene then the name PUTERAEON shouldn't be unknown to you. The band exists since 2008 and has released so far four full-length albums and several EP's and split records. The line-up (Daniel Vandija -bass,Anders Malmstrom - drums,Jonas Lindblood - guitars/vocals and Rune Foss - guitars) includes members from bands such as NOMINON, IMMEMOREAL, THORIUM, etc. "Quindecennial Horror" is PUTERAEON's latest EP which offers five tracks of pure oldschool Swedish Lovecraft-inspired Death metal played by experienced musicians. What should be noted here is that those tracks are actually re-recorded old songs from the early years of the band's existence.

The start is given by "The Plague" which is an energetic up-tempo track very much into the ENTOMBED style of playing, it has the specific Swedish Death guitar sound, the galloping drumming and the raspy vocals of vocalist/guitarist Jonas Lindblood. This track was originally recorded for PUTERAEON's very first demo "Fascination for Mutilation" from 2008. Next comes the blasting "Whispers of the Dead" which starts with a very fast tempo and then transforms into a more mid-tempo track with some eerie melodic guitar parts. This one originally comes from the second demo of the band called "The Requiem" which was released just like the first one in 2008. The same demo contains the third track in "Quindecennial Horror" which is called "Graverobber" and has an official video that you can check out on YouTube. It is slower compared with the previous two tracks with a strong EDGE OF SANITY-like melodic guitar riff. The speed is back on track on "Dead Once More" originally found in the band's third demo "The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West" from 2009. This track also has melody inside the aggressive guitar riffs and a headbanging rhythm. The final track in "Quindecennial Horror" is "Storms Over Devil's Reef" which originally is the first one in the PUTERAEON's debut full-length album "The Esoteric Order". It starts with a fast tempo then turns into a more melodic and slower song then goes hysterically fast again. A thing that should be mentioned is that the mixing/mastering of this EP was done by the legendary Dan Swano who should need no introduction and who knows perfectly how to make a decently sounding oldschool Swedish Death metal without being too polished.

In case you are into Swedish Death metal then you should check out this EP. It is nothing new under the sun but it shows the beginning of a talented band like PUTERAEON and is interesting to hear how the band developed compared with the starting years. And besides, Lovecraft-inspired Death metal is always fun!

7 / 10









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"Quindeccenial Horror " Track-listing:

1. The Plague
2. Whispers of the Dead
3. Graverobber
4. Dead Once More
5. Storms over Devil’s Reef

Puteraeon Lineup:

Daniel Vandija - bass
Anders Malmstrom - drums
Jonas Lindblood - vocals/guitars
Rune Foss - guitars

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