Cadaverized Humanity

Purulent Necrosis

PURULENT NECROSIS is an American Brutal Death Metal band, that surely puts the "brutal" in […]
By Santiago Puyol
October 16, 2019
Purulent Necrosis - Cadaverized Humanity album cover

PURULENT NECROSIS is an American Brutal Death Metal band, that surely puts the "brutal" in their sound. Coming Nov. 1, 2019, "Cadaverized Humanity" is their debut full-length, a 30-minute musical assault.

Most of "Cadaverized Humanity" follows the same formula. These are two-to-three-minute tracks full of constant blast beats, mechanical riffing and noisy, and completely monotone, undecipherable growling. It is an album to bang one's head to, or at least one to listen if pure brutality is what you are looking for.

The first three tracks flow like one block of noise. They sound almost all the same with so little variation that the tracks beginnings and endings are the only clear references that you are listening to a different song. "Purity Shrouded in Putrefaction" is the first track that introduces some diversity to the very limited, but effective, sound palette of the band. It features complex and kind of groovy drumming by Matthew Green, with some interesting, syncopated cymbal work.

"Decimate the Consecrated" features a couple of spots where bassist Jason Keating gets to be audible and brings something more than constant pounding for heaviness. The title track happens to be weird interlude and even stranger respite from the ruthlessness of the album, with its chewing flesh or whatever horror movie sounds it features, in less than a minute.

Both "Induced Parasitic Gestation" and "Festering Anal Vomit" have a somewhat groovy structure, with great interplay from Blake Scott and Steve Green, trading riffs. The latter is one of the few tracks where vocalist Justin Downs gets to do something more than monotone noise, and it also features the most intricate drumming on the album.

On "Vile Formations of Putridity", Downs' growling is a bit more audible and actually adds a little variety to the music. The last two tracks, much like the first three, segue almost like a single wall of noise.

Although Purulent Necrosis does exactly what it seems to be set to do while playing into the Brutal Death Metal playbook, at times it feels it is adding little new. Having so many songs sound almost the same does not help, especially considering there is some interesting ideas on the middle section of the album. Half the album suffers from being indistinguishable, while the rest has few memorable moments.

Production could be considerably better without sacrificing the harsh sound. In addition, although I did not expect vocals to be quite understandable considering the genre. Justin Downs rarely gets to do anything else but add pure noise on most tracks. "Cadaverized Humanity" is not a bad album, but it feels like nothing special. It serves it purpose, but little more.

With a little more variation and even a slightly better production, Purulent Necrosis could still provide enough brutality but ensure some replay value.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Cadaverized Humanity" Track-listing:

1. Calculated Acts of Retribution
2. Merciless Vivisection Process
3. Invoke the Creophagous
4. Purity Shrouded in Putrefaction
5. Decimate the Consecrated
6. Cadaverized Humanity
7. Induced Parasitic Gestation
8. Festering Anal Vomit
9. Vile Formations of Putridity
10. Scriptures of Ominous Suffering
11. Throne of Carnage

Purulent Necrosis Lineup:

Justin Downs - Vocals
Blake Scott - Guitars
Steve Green - Guitars
Matthew Green - Drums
Jason Keating - Bass

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