Breakdown To Breakthrough


It's quite lately that I've been doing too many Metal Heaven (the German AOR Heaven […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 7, 2006
Pump - Breakdown To Breakthrough album cover

It's quite lately that I've been doing too many Metal Heaven (the German AOR Heaven label's Metal-orientated sub-label) reviews. Not only do these Germans issue quite a lot of stuff now but - as I was glad to notice - most of their releases are good-to-excellent rated. Pump's sophomore album Breakdown To Breakthrough is not destined to alter the abovementioned status.
Against Everyone's Advice is the title of the German quintet, formed in early 2002 by ex-Brainstorm vocalist Marcus Jurgens and focusing on the 80s Hard Rock/'classic' Metal basics. Already having supported the likes of Dokken and Harem Scarem, this debut did achieve good recognition plus it helped the band opening for compatriot Axel Rudi Pell's 2004 European Tour plus a couple of slots for Queensryche gigs. Producer Tommy Newton (Victory) did the job for the first one; he's now enlisted for the follow-up.
Yeap, Breakdown To Breakthrough does sound a lot similar to Victory's discography plys 'rocking' Accept. Good hooks, mid-to-up tempos, sharp guitar riffs, rockin' solos, solid bass/drums duties and lots of 'heavy' melodies is what you will get. Swiss heroes Krokus was also brought to mind, while a couple of bands from the 80s US Hard Rock scene will you also remember (Dokken is already mentioned, Danger Danger and Firehouse - omit the voice! - do fit rather well).
How Does It Feel? is a hard rockin' killer, while Blood On The Blade and Bulletride can rip your neck. With a production - to help 'newbies' - looking alike Primal Fear albums, Breakdown To Breakthrough is missing multiple back-up vocals (a 'must' for such songs) but the rest is all of quality level. Need more? Take the same: if you like Central European hard rockin' Metal music (Victory, late Sinner, late Steeler, early Pink Cream 69, early Bonfire, Krokus, Gotthard) this album's definitely for you. You're around 30 years old, anyway; you got some cash.

7 / 10


"Breakdown To Breakthrough" Track-listing:

Revolution On My Mind
Blood On The Blade
Save Me
I Can't Deny
How Does It Feel?
Alright Now
Heaven High
Who Made You A Madman?

Pump Lineup:

Marcus Jurgens - Vocals
Axel Reissmann - Guitars
Ulli Hauff - Guitars
Stephan Buerk - Bass
Achim Animal Keller - Drums

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