Sweet Baby Octane


In the 1970's, the Punk Rock movement was born with bands like STOOGES, MC5, SEX […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
December 29, 2015
Psychopunch - Sweet Baby Octane album cover

In the 1970's, the Punk Rock movement was born with bands like STOOGES, MC5, SEX PISTOLS, and one of the most famous, RAMONES bringing about a new type of heavy music. This movement itself kept alive well into the 1980's with the newest spin-off movement called Hardcore Punk with bands like the DEAD KENNEDY'S. Following that, we got the Post-Punk born into yet another style. In the 1990's, other breeds in Punk Rock appear incorporating Pop Rock in this song like GREEN DAY or THE OFFSPRING did. Today, I'm here with a Swedish band called PSYCHOPUNCH, and they're releasing their eleventh album called "Sweet Baby Octane" by SPV Records.

The artwork is well done - colorful and remembers a lot games like Grand Theft Auto.

The point in the world of Punk Rock isn't necessary to play like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, or sing like BRUCE DICKINSON. You can make an uncompromised sound with simple notes and average vocal. This is exactly what happens here. They're making a Pop-Punk with sticky chorus that could be played in every American teen movie. The songs are less than 5 minutes in length, and the aggressive and raw instrumental are present in all songs. You can confer to faster songs like "I've Been Around", "On A Night Like This (Hell Yeah)", "Turn Up the Radio", "So High", "Masquerade", "What Did I Say", and "The New Alive". These are the heaviest tracks on this album and, for me, the highlight of the whole album. There are also contrasting, softer songs like "Forever and A Day", "When You're Out of Town", "Drinking Alone", "Time Is in Our Side", "Punkrocker", and "Showtime's Over".

The interesting and unprecedented thing here are the "Intro" and "Outro" tracks. They're giving a welcome and a goodbye to you, listener. I really appreciated this attitude. But the songs are very boring and tiring to my ears. They don't bring anything new to me. In fact, to me, they're making a well-done work, but nothing different than the 1990's Punk bands did.

If you like to know an unpretentious Pop Punk, I'm pretty sure you must to buy the new PSYCHOPUNCH album. If you, like me, don't; like all the same songs, you will discard "Sweet Baby Octane".<

5 / 10


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"Sweet Baby Octane" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. I've Been Around
3. On a Night Like This (Hell Yeah)
4. Forever and A Day
5. Turn Up The Radio
6. When You're Out Of Town
7. Drinking Alone
8. So High
9. Masquerade
10. What Did I Say
11. Time Is in Our Side
12. Punkrocker
13. The New Alive
14. Showtime's Over
15. Outro

Psychopunch Lineup:

JM - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Magnus Henriksson - Guitars
Walle - Bass & Backing Vocals
Jocke - Drums & Percussion

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