From Ashes to Wings

Psycho Drama

With their debut album as their best symbol and flagship, the 1996's worldwide acclaimed "The […]
By Yngwieviking
November 16, 2015
Psycho Drama - From Ashes to Wings album cover

With their debut album as their best symbol and flagship, the 1996's worldwide acclaimed "The Illusion" (Massacre Records), the Melodic US Power/Progressive Metal team from Colorado Springs, PSYCO DRAMA, established themselves with an unique sound, consisting of a magic blend of hooks and melodies combined with epic and progressive passages. This brought them their undying, and still vivid, reputation among a legion of fanatics, even twenty years later!

This legendary album, its sequel "Bent" in 1997 and most of all the spinoff all star band MAGNITUDE 9 (also featuring Guitar Ace Rob Johnson & Kevin Chown from ARTENSION and the criminally underrated EDWIN DARE) are mythical, so much so that many people, including myself, proclaimed the album "Chaos To Control" as being one of 1998's best.

The tricky part is it would therefore be a challenging task for any band to uphold that kind of praise with the release of a new album, especially when new material hasn't been publicly released in a few years.

But luckily, the transition was beneficial; if the precepts are numerous and all fulfill brilliantly all the expectations, there is nothing extraordinary with such a an ultra skilled line-up pedigree composed by a bunch of so talented and experienced musicians!

Since their comeback, the most important thing is that PSYCO DRAMA has reformed with original vocalist Corey Brown, and boy, that guy is still sounding great...Like a Ray Alder/Lance King kind of voice with maybe Tom Braden (ARTIZAN) meets Lou Falco (WICKED MARAYA) to be more quoted as a specifically underground expert!

With songs in the key of a such clever quality, like the staccato riff driven "From Ashes To Wings", "Requiem", "A New Day" and "All That We Have", shifting from elegant instrospective to intriguing moments, the new label Pride & Joy is again on the rise, striking hard with the third studio album & the iconic return of PSYCO DRAMA that established themselves of one of the US finest's Progressive Metal band...Indeed last month they provided with Sweden's FREE FROM SIN debut album, one of the most surprising disc of 2015 (hyper & ultra recommended by your truly) and just a few weeks before the quite genuine Power Metal manifesto of Australians from BLACK MAJESTY "Cross Of Thorns"!

Let's say that the early supporters of PSYCO DRAMA will be at home, from the production design to the songwriting method: "From Ashes To Wings" holds a familiar, but still original process, yet realistic and coherent, formatted in the mid 90's sonic sensation tradition...If the sound haven't changed much from their preliminary days, those guys don't had reach their limits yet, they don't stick to a formula!

If the approach on each title is basically the same, it's based on a very effective construction with evolutive structures and many sections, most of all the riffs are diverse and the shredding done by axeman Hercules Castro brings a fresh additional dramatic dimension to this album, the keyboards are always challenging also set in a ultra addictive and wide soundscapes like in the closing cut "To Live Again".

This is not an illusion the constant parallels of time and space are blending together to reveal the new birth of the rising phoenix of Progressive Metal in a graceful inheritance!<

8 / 10


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"From Ashes to Wings" Track-listing:

1. Inferno
2. From Ashes To Wings
3. Far From Grace
4. Requiem
5. Edge Of Forever
6. A New Day
7. All That We Have
8. Broken Road
9. Sea And Sky
10. Paralyzed
11. To Live Again

Psycho Drama Lineup:

Corey Brown - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Hercules Castro - Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Ringler - Bass
Greg Sands - Drums, Backing Vocals

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