Chainsaw Priest


Well this is the first full length album by PSYCHO in over 20yrs!!! Wow...the earth […]
By Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan
May 13, 2014
Psycho - Chainsaw Priest album cover

Well this is the first full length album by PSYCHO in over 20yrs!!! Wow...the earth is really being dug up everywhere and some classic buried bands are still fucking alive under there...which is great. Boston's own Punk, Grindcore sons are back, well still here. The album is "Chainsaw Priest"...4th album in quite an extensive back catalogue of splits, and EP's as well. These guys have been punching the face of the earth since 1981, releasing their debut EP in '83.

Now although this is the first 'full length' in over 20yrs they have not just sat there. Well apart form a 12 year hiatus, because in 2008 they came back with a double, yes 2 not one, album of early stuff, then there was a DVD, a CD with a self-title...and then a comp, The Grind Years came in 2010, followed by 2 EP's and we arrive here at Chainsaw Priest. Phew..!

OK so, you like ANAL CUNT? Buy it! UNSEEN TERROR? Get it! SOB? What you waiting for? It is punk and hard and grinds like a motherfucker, sharp, short, kicks and punches...great feel, great production, no bullshit...17 tracks of pure physical, explosive joy...stand out track? Could not pick but 'Mystery Meat' brought a smile. Worse track? Couldn't find one. I like my Grindcore from the French these days, but this is 'old-school', real. USA and PLASMATICS should not miss out on this...get some brutality down ya neck. Have some of that..!!

10 / 10


"Chainsaw Priest" Track-listing:

1. Antichrist Hammer
2. Mystery Meat
3. Force My Will
4. Chainsaw Priest
5. Hep-C
6. I'm Crazy
7. Death From Above
8. Can't Believe You're Gone
9. Die Trying
10. Daydreaming
11. So This Is Hell
12. Vodka Influenced Nightmares
13. Leave Me Alone
14. Whiskey Bitch
15. Once A Bully
16. Religious
17. Want You (Plasmatics Cover)

Psycho Lineup:

Johnny X - Guitars / Vocals
Charlie Infection - Drums
Ed Lynch - Bass

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