Tales of the Melancholic


PRYTI is a Birmingham born singer-songwriter. Following the release of an EP entitled "Welcome to […]
January 31, 2015
Pryti - Tales of the Melancholic album cover

PRYTI is a Birmingham born singer-songwriter. Following the release of an EP entitled "Welcome to Pariahville," she received critical acclaim from KERRANG! Magazine. This newest full-length album contains ten tracks. "Insomnia" opens the album with a saddened grace. Musically it falls somewhere into the Rock category, but is hard to distinguish further from there. Vocally, Pryti has a soft, plush and even-keeled voice she pushes into the upper ranges sparingly, but with ease. "The Pessimist" begins in hushed tones, with a feeling of suspense with the dark and terse guitar riff. As it builds, momentum is gained as you hear her talking about "this war inside my head." It comes to a culmination with a swift crescendo and big chorus near the end. "Purge" is a similarly paced track but with a bit more instrumentation and circumstance. The despondent feeling is fueled by the use of minor chords and dissonance in the verses, and the lamentations of the lyrics in the chorus. "Amnesia" might be the most hopeless of all tracks on the album, where you can really feel the way she connects the listener to her pain and despair. "Angst," by contrast, comes at you swiftly and angrily. Guitar and drums drive this track nicely and the big, melodious chorus ties together the elements of the song very well. "Ghost" is really soothing in a sad kind of way, like the calm waves of an open ocean. Closing the album is the all-out chorus of "Burden."

I find the title of the album to be very fitting in describing the music. This is definitely melancholic rock music, which Pryti brings to life with the emotional control of her voice. Beautiful and soothing in the lower ranges, to soaring and poignant in the upper ranges, she drives the album with absolute intention and control.<

8 / 10


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"Tales of the Melancholic" Track-listing:

1. Insomnia
2. The Pessimist
3. Abyss
4. Purge
5. Bitter Pill
6. Amnesia
7. Angst
8. Battle Wounds
9. Ghost
10. Burden

Pryti Lineup:

Pryti G. Gagte - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

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