Coming to think of it, I am glad that I had the chance to review […]
September 16, 2013
Primeval Realm - Primordial Light album cover

Coming to think of it, I am glad that I had the chance to review this band's debut a while ago, at least this time I was more aware of what changed, or what didn't. On the other hand, after a bit of contemplating, I guessed that there is no use to start comparisons between the band's previous and its follow up. I won't attempt to describe why because it would turn into babbling and I am quite positive that you won't like it even for a bit. Therefore, here I stand in front of the new album of the English PROMETHIUM, entitled "Origins", and also signed into a different label, Sky-Rocket Records. Generally, PROMETHIUM remained constant, clinging to their assorted new school Metal style, garnering a very few innovative means, yet eventually coming to the point where they stand and deliver more or less notable songs, somewhat feeling reverent of the mid to late 90s of Nu Metal along with several hints and tints of groovy mid tempo Thrash and modern Heavy Metal.

Spinning this one for several times made me come to the notion that even a riff obsessed individual as myself can be slightly jaded by riff based songs. Though implementing several riff shifts, along with various tempo changes, PROMETHIUM went drone with typical riffery, remaining monotonous, sticking their grounds without leaving a present behind. Sure that I like the Alternativeness of ALICE IN CHAINS' vibe throughout their tracks, which a few of them reminded me of the giant's classic years, yet eventually it didn't take long for me to comprehend that I needed more. PROMETHIUM barely had a shred of melody minus a few seldom distributions, and needless to say that the absence of an acclaimed solo demonstration, other than the diminutive practice on "Counterfeit" or "The Hunted" and the solid, but banal, guitar licks on "Rain", was immensely felt and in a way annoyed. Gary McGahon's great vocal layers, other than the so useless and unsuitable growls, admitted a sort of change to the overall scenery of the songs creating a measure of impact, yet the guitaring seemed to be the main course thus taking over the most attention.

Basically, "Origins" has a rather smooth flow, it appeared rather simple than what I expected, maintaining a certain extent of groove adaptations with heavy riffing easy to follow. "Rain" is a picture of zealousness and determination, running through easy right before barging in with awesome toughness, a few melodic licks, a little MORDRED, bits of PAPA ROACH and ALICE IN CHAINS. Possibly this is the album's foremost effort. "The Art of Hurting" runs in a straight line, nothing too complicated, at times a bit flat, yet quite gratifying to listen, heaving a few Crossover / Hardcore lines with unnecessary growls. "Plagued By Evil", as if the prolongation of "Rain", or its plan B, sounding emotive, catchy with a strong chorus bearing fine vocals, it has a solid solo though a bit too short. "Revolver" is one of these examples of how modern Groove / Thrash blend with Heavy Metal. McGahon's vocals virtually lifted up this song. Planting varied Heavy Metal riffery indicator, this one appeared rather solid, even with the reoccurring riffs coming back to haunt. Largely, "Origins" is a slight step backwards from the debut that had that little ounce of spice from within, yet still it will turn a few heads and make some bang them quite hard.

7 / 10


"Origins" Track-listing:

1. Won't Break Me
2. Gunslinger
3. The Art of Hurting
4. Counterfeit
5. Rain
6. The Hunted
7. Plagued By Evil
8. Revolver
9. Believer
10. Origins

Promethium Lineup:

Gary McGahon - Vocals
Daniel Lovett-Horn - Guitars
Rossi - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Adam Hargreaves - Drums

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