Demigod of Perfection


PROLIFERHATE is a Progressive Death Metal band, formed in Italy in 2012. The band was […]
December 14, 2018
Proliferhate - Demigod of Perfection album cover

PROLIFERHATE is a Progressive Death Metal band, formed in Italy in 2012. The band was formed in by Andrea Simioni (Bass), Andrea Miranda (Rhythm Guitar) and Omar Durante (Lead guitar and Vocals). The band released their debut in 2015, and now are back with their sophomore effort titled "Demigod of Perfection," which contains ten tracks.

"Prologue to Damnation" leads us off...with a jovial acoustical number with unconventional chord patterns, seguing into "Conjuring the Black Hound," which opens with soft and clean guitar tones and light percussion. As the suspense builds, you can feel something coming. What follows is a Doomy/Death Metal sound, with gut-wrenching vocals. Clean guitars follow in an interlude with prominent bass notes. From there, an odd guitar sequence is followed by unexpected clean vocals, and a return of the soft, Jazzy guitars from the beginning. "Auerbach's Vineyard" opens with a Doomy and spiteful riff, and a heavy accenting rhythm ensues...the kind that puts you in the mood to break things. Lead guitar notes carry the track deeper and deeper into your grave. Clean vocals then combine with bass guitar notes, sounding like BLACK SABBATH.

"The Frailty of a Tender Soul" opens with melodious but melancholy lead guitar notes. It's unlike anything on the rest of the album and I'm scratching my head. The clean vocals are really off here...and there doesn't sound like the song has an overarching direction. "Oberon" is an instrumental that opens with a mid-tempo and easy sounding riff, and then it dives gently into a pretty clean guitar passage that calms you. It then changed direction a few more times...sometimes dark and angry and other times tentative and thoughtful. "Naked Monstrosity" is the first song where you can easily hear the Progressive elements, coming in the form of the main riff and meter. It's a dark and suspenseful sound overall. Clean guitar tones near the middle of the song are despondent. It works well with the track. "A Shadow from an Ancient Past" opens with a depressive mid-tempo riff and slow grind. The clean vocals are just a bit pitchy and don't quite fit in. I've discovered this in a few other releases recently. They provide contrast, which is good in the genre, but only if they are done well.

"Euphorion" opens with gentle clean guitar notes and some melancholy clean vocals. This time, the vocals fit the music quite well. When the main riff hits, it's a Doomy and linear sound that is easy to listen to. It picks up steam however when the Death vocals hit hard. The title track is a mid-tempo and dark number that opens with an angry scream. The clean vocals bring some variety to the song but it is very disparaging. The eight minute "Elegant in Decay" closes the album. At first, the clean vocals highlight a despondent sound, then the Death vocals usher in a newer, more filthy phase of the song. Clean guitars return to the fold, and it ends with absolutely lamenting Death vocals, sucking the life out of you completely.

Overall, the album was just a bit confusing for me. There is a lot of diversity here which is always good, but it was hard to find a central theme. Still, the various elements they explored on the album were made to catch your attention and hold it, because you never know what might come next. I have a feeling that they will bring it all together on their next album, because this was very close.

7 / 10









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"Demigod of Perfection" Track-listing:

1. Prologue to Damnation
2. Conjuring the Black Hound
3. Auerbach's Vineyard
4. The Frailty of a Tender Soul
5. Oberon
6. Naked Monstrosity
7. A Shadow from an Ancient Past
8. Euphorion
9. Demigod of Perfection
10. Elegant in Decay

Proliferhate Lineup:

Omar Durante - Vocals/Guitar
Andrea Simioni - Bass
Daniele Varlonga - Drums
Lorenzo Moffa - Rhythm Guitar

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