Progeny Of Sun

Progeny Of Sun

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland comes PROGENY OF SUN with their six track EP "Progeny of […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
May 10, 2019
Progeny Of Sun - Progeny Of Sun album cover

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland comes PROGENY OF SUN with their six track EP "Progeny of Sun". The Melodic Death band is a duo consisting of Jaakko Hautamäki on all instruments and  Niko Aromaa on Vocals. The bands lyrics focus on non conformity, humanity, anti religion and freedom of speech. PROGENY OF SUN formed in 2017 and I really feel like this band has a chance of being something great in the coming years.

The first song "Fable God is Dead" is a work of art. The vocals are killer and the instruments are played beautifully. It's a pretty intense song but it also has it's slower points that build back up. So far this album has gained my full attention. "Futile Conversion" is a truly remarkable song that has all the best elements of Melodic Death. The one thing that really stands out to me is the drum work, it's on point! The vocals are also really damn good on this track.

"Birthright Obligation" is one of the most well written songs on the album so far. I absolutely love how it slows down and speeds back up. It's very catchy and I highly recommend it. It kinda reminds me of AT THE GATES if they started a group with SOILWORK. "Darkest Corners of Black" starts off sounding like a Doom Metal song. It has a very creepy aura about it but quickly changes into a barrage of blast beats and insane vocals. This is probably my favorite song so far because of the nicely done change ups. This is a fucking beast of a song.

"Natural Leaders" doesn't shy away from being in your face from the start. This song reminds me of why I fell in love with Melodic Death in the first place. I will say this about the band, they absolutely know what they're doing and they are doing it perfectly. I couldn't ask for more from an album. The final song "End of Zen" is the longest track on the EP. This song is where the melodic side comes out. There are clean vocals and slower parts and they blend perfectly with the heavier instruments and growls. This song is a masterpiece that is rarely made with such a new band.

I honestly think this band is phenomenal and has a ton of potential, I hope to see them grow into something even better in the future. If you get the chance go and pick this EP up and show it to all your friends. Hopefully in the upcoming years I will be able to catch them on tour. Great job guys! Keep up the great work!

10 / 10









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"Progeny Of Sun" Track-listing:

1. Fable God is Dead
2. Futile Conversion
3. Birthright Obligation
4. Darkest Corners of Black
5. Natural Leaders
6. End of Zen

Progeny Of Sun Lineup:

Jaakko Hautamäki - All Instruments
Niko Aromaa - Vocals

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