Hate Decade

Profundis Tenebrarum

Spanish metal, eh? Well, except the known bands from classical metal genre, like EVO and […]
By Yiannis Doukas
November 7, 2007
Profundis Tenebrarum - Hate Decade album cover

Spanish metal, eh? Well, except the known bands from classical metal genre, like EVO and TIERRA SANTA, there is a good extreme scene beginning from Repulse records (like AVULSED etc.) or the mighty PROCLAMATION and TEITANBLOOD that caused to my ears a constant bleeding. Except all these I'm glad to inform you the existence of another band named PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM which is leaded by Nocturn, who is the man behind the Antichristian Front records.
The band took a shape around 1997, a year when the demo Dark & Eternal was recorded by Nocturn and Dave Kommand in drums, in their record room with a help of a 4-track recorder. It contains two tracks, Keep The Ancient Spirit Alive and the self-titled, which give us the impression that the band where full into the first recordings of SATYRICON. Long-length songs, the second one is close to 10 minutes, with many changes, obscured from the past acoustic guitars and keys, a black metal morbid, like bringing a plague from ancient times. But this was just the beginning...
During June and July of 2001 the two members repeat the previous undertaking (4-track recording) and the result is the Abhorrent Christendom demo, with three songs. The sound is complete Norway-ish, into DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL and the first days of DEATHSPELL OMEGA. All songs are killer, the introductive riffology of Eternal Fields Of Wandering is pure black and the best moment in my opinion is the 'necro' mid-tempo in the Deus Non Est with a drumming a la Fenriz.
Soon, the band tried their powers into a semi-professional studio and after September of 2001 the Traumatic Soul Coronation was born. Now the sound has more nightmares inside with traumatic, terroristic vocals close to AGATUS' Dawn Of Martyrdom or the Polish masters THRONEUM. The songs have not a basic structure; they are more like a serial exhibition of riffs (which goes for their entire demology) but it works well. The first self-titled track is perfect, with a great key idea in the middle, and after that is following a riff very close to AGATUS. The second track, From Pandemonium..., has a dark part with keys and acoustic guitar, that will throw your soul to the morass. After this it comes the Sorrowful Moon (Part I), which has an entangling start - not so good - but after the second minute has a nice riff for reward. The second part is much better than the first, very furious and emotional; maybe the best track in their demo with very nice keys creating a dark atmosphere.
Since we are in the year 2007, the band decided to re-release these demo in this compilation that the songlist follows a backward chronological order. After the Traumatic Soul Coronation the band in 2004 created their first album Extreme Violent Art which I'm very curious to listen to. In 2005 drummer Dave Kommand left the horde and now the current lineup includes (except Nocturn) Josferatum in guitars and keys and Estela in bass while the drumming in studio is performing by Nocturn. PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM will release soon their second attack Pathogenesis, so keep your eyes open wide. Hate Decade is limited in 500 copies!

7 / 10


"Hate Decade" Track-listing:

Traumatic Soul Coronation
From Pandemonium...
Sorrowful Moon (Part 1)
Sorrowful Moon (Part 2)
Eternal Fields Of Wandering
Deus Non Est
Abhorrent Christendom
Keep The Ancient Spirit Alive
Dark & Eternal

Profundis Tenebrarum Lineup:

Nocturn - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keys
Dave Kommand - Drums

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