My Plateau

Profane Burial

I love the innovativeness of “My Plateau.” This isn’t your average Symphonic Black Metal album nor is PROFANE BURIAL your average Black Metal band.
April 29, 2024

Not quite experimental but definitely not status quo, Norwegian Black Metal trio, PROFANE BURIAL, dropped their second full length album, “My Plateau,” on March 1, 2024 via Crime Records. While still exploring the largely untraversed grounds of Cinematic Black Metal, weaving in both Atmospheric and Symphonic elements throughout their compositions, the band takes a much harder edge on this, their latest album, than they did on their debut. The final result is a collection of six curious tracks—disturbing, disquieting, yet still compelling.   

Similar to their first album, “The Rosewater Park Legend,” orchestral swells, symphonic embellishments, and piano flourishes abound throughout “My Plateau.” What is different this time around though is they share the headliner stage with evil tremolo riffs, blast beats, and screeching vocals. There are even Melodic Black Metal elements. In short, this sophomore album is much harsher than the band’s first. Altogether it makes for an intriguing listening experience.

The band notes they take their inspiration from “film scores and other forms of orchestral music.” I presume that also includes horror gaming. It might just be me, but I could sense the wormwood aftertaste of the likes of Silent Hill, Amnesia, and Darkwood. The album cover might have also contributed to this effect with its otherworldly edifices topped with hellspawn gargoyles.

My pick of standout tracks includes the title track, “My Plateau,” for its sheer complexity. The first half flies at us in frenetic attack of fractured edges and sharpened fangs, the mid-section steadies to a Doom-paced Melodic, and then final section draws on both elements with uneasy resolve. There is just so much going on with this track, it’s like a self-contained EP. I also really enjoyed “Moribund” with the piano and orchestral movements straight from a sanatorium opera. And, finally, “Horror Code,” which really does unfold like horror video game, the one where you don’t win, and everything just ends really badly for all the characters involved. 

Altogether, I love the innovativeness of “My Plateau.” This isn’t your average Symphonic Black Metal album, but neither is PROFANE BURIAL your average Black Metal band. There is something very distinctive going on here. I also love that the band has doubled down on the Black Metal edge with this release while still maintaining their allegiance to Cinematic. “My Plateau” by PROFANE BURIAL— It won’t be for everyone, but that’s the way is with Extreme Metal. Definitely worth checking out.  

8 / 10









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"My Plateau" Track-listing:

1. My Plateau

2. Moribund   

3. Fragments of Dirge

4. Righteous Indoctrination

5. Disambiguate Eradication

6. Horror Code


Profane Burial Lineup:

André Aaslie – Bass, keyboards, guitars

Kjetil Ytterhus – Keyboards, vocals

Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow – Drums


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