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Primitive Man

PRIMITIVE MAN is an American Metal Band formed in 2102 in Denver, Colorado USA, their […]
By Paulomaniaco
March 9, 2015
Primitive Man - Home Is Where hatred Is album cover

PRIMITIVE MAN is an American Metal Band formed in 2102 in Denver, Colorado USA, their style is Grudge, Doom Metal Noise; one thing is for sure, they have a very heavy sound indeed but whether that is enough I am not quite sure. PRIMITIVE MAN have produced so far a full length album called "Scorn" and a few EPs, demos, singles and splits and now another EP on a Vinyl format with four songs, the result is a bad sounding EP with lots of distortion and also very dirty sounding, I am sure Relapse could have done better than that.

First track "Loathe" starts off very slow and heavy and then picks up a little; the vocalist is trying very hard and the result is a more Death Metal approach which is fine by me, though, eleven minutes song not much has happened so I become very bored "Downfall" is a better song though, much faster with twisted riffs and more technical, still I am still left wanting, it is brutal but that is not enough to cheer me up, "Bag Man" follows the same path, lots of strange noise and nothing much changes, I mean there are tonnes of bands out there sounding just the same or worse. The last track "A Marriage With Nothingness" I just don't get; a poor woman screaming throughout the whole song and whether she is enjoying it or not it doesn't matter, what matter is that this is a poor effort from PRIMITIVE MAN, It lacks creativity and I do not see any positive points in this album, the production is crap and the art cover is pure tedium, truly primitive.

1 / 10

Run Away!!!

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"Home Is Where hatred Is" Track-listing:

1. Loathe
2. Downfall
3. Bag Man
4. A Marriage With Nothingness

Primitive Man Lineup:

JS - Bass
IS - Drums
ELM - Vocals/Guitars

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