Seven Seals (Reissue)

Primal Fear

Previously I had a swell time with PRIMAL FEAR's 2006' "Best Of" compilation, letting be […]
April 10, 2015
Primal Fear - Seven Seals (Reissue) album cover

Previously I had a swell time with PRIMAL FEAR's 2006' "Best Of" compilation, letting be absorb the band's steadfast career from their get go till that period after "Seven Seals", dating back to 2005. And guess what, here I am writing about a reissue of "Seven Seals" that actually finalized PRIMAL FEAR's relationship with Nuclear Blast Records into the loving arms of their current label, the Italian franchise Frontiers Records. Also, if calculated right, it is nearly a decade since the release of "Seven Seals" so what better time to reissue and also review it. Metal Mind Productions, following their preceding reissues of PRIMAL FEAR albums, set out this last piece of Heavy Metal tone into your loving arms, certainly one of the band's darkest and heavier release till that duration.

I wouldn't necessarily call this release a continuation of the 2004's "Devil's Ground", though after listening to "Seven Seals" for a number of times, one would find the connecting dots. On the other hand, "Seven Seals" feels like a concept album that transpired evil or merely tunes that concerns the emergence of wickedness, the underworld or even the unified front against all that is evil. I don't think that there was a religious point of you, yet trust me that PRIMAL FEAR didn't let you dwell on an inner deliberation. The band's musical direction might appear slightly touchier than usual, impressively atmospheric, pouring portions of dramatic flavored elements, but in overall, PRIMAL FEAR solidly followed their consistent appreciation towards a catchier, larger than life, kind of Metal, nonetheless bombastic and immensely encrusted by the old Teutonic spirit of the early days.

My personal favorite "The Immortal Ones" is just what I needed to feel extra powerful, sinking in with a magnificent mega main riff that sliced me open, ACCEPTish all the way, the guys sealed another enticing anthem to their record. "Seven Seals" put me on a somewhat different path, where PRIMAL FEAR, similarly to the old balladry "Tears Of Rage" of the debut, attempted to capture the listener with more than just fist for a fight but by setting the thought patterns rolling or simply showing that not everything is black or white. Anyway, musically it is brilliant, swift and magically too short with a taste for more. "Rollercoaster" came crushing down with no remorse, rather closer to a sort of a Thrash meets Power Metal, this is definitely one of the successful PRIMAL FEAR heavy hitters firing shards of steel. "All for One" is one of the epic songs that reveal all the cards on the table, silky smooth entry right into the heart of the fire, ready for the right and of course into glory ride. Though a bit reprising the main riff, which sounds too identical to one of their previous presentations, PRIMAL FEAR stood strong with a powerful anthem chorus, taking the ship into modern shores for just a bit to call it diverse and a tad far from being traditional.

Continuing the legacy of their heroic nature, PRIMAL FEAR kept spreading their fire breathing Metal sensation, always keeping it ultimately heavy while letting you memorize the lyrics of their standout moments. Personally even if my preference is for other albums by the band, "Seven Seals" is a good album that should be a part of your PRIMAL FEAR collection.

8 / 10


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"Seven Seals (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Demons and Angels
2. Rollercoaster
3. Seven Seals
4. Evil Spell
5. The Immortal Ones
6. Diabolus
7. All for One
8. Carniwar
9. A Question of Honour (Sinner cover)
10. In Memory

Primal Fear Lineup:

Ralf Scheepers - Vocals
Randy Black - Drums
Mat Sinner - Bass / Vocals
Tom Naumann - Guitars
Stefan Leibing - Guitars / Keyboards

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