Deimos, Phobos (Compilation)

Prima Giedi

The good people of the French recording company, Cold Dark Matter Records, have graciously put […]
By Matt "Wolverine" Johnson
January 31, 2015
Prima Giedi - Deimos

The good people of the French recording company, Cold Dark Matter Records, have graciously put together "Prima Giedi", a massive, dual-disc collection of songs by various bands on the label. The featured bands represent Metal subgenres such as Doom, Death, Black, Industrial, Sludge, and even Drone. That's a pretty heavy lineup. Each song on the album is from a different band and in the listener gets a solid sampling of what the label consists of.

I love the variety on this album. The first disc, "Deimos", begins with a fairly heavy track that exhibits a few interesting features like multiple genre influences and some digital sound effects in the mix. It's a nice, destructive opening song and the album then transitions into a series of Doomier, Sludgier songs with the guitars down-tuned, the tempos set to slow, and the fuzz pedals cranked up all the way. You might imagine that there wouldn't be those radio-length songs on a compilation album and you would be absolutely right. These are not songs that someone can just breeze right through without being forced to pay attention at some point to the music coming through the speakers.

Regarding the sixth track on "Deimos," to which I'm not sure of the title, it's very funky New Wave Metal that sounds like a song by THE CURE that went all Doom Metal from back in the eighties. Honestly, the only other track on "Deimos" that is not completely Doom Metal is the first one. Still, every song on the first disc is radically different from the others, so bravo!

So on to "Phobos" then. The four-track conclusion to the album is its own monster. The elements of the different subgenres I mentioned previously all combine to give me the impression that this is actually rare work from the bands on the Cold Dark Matter record label. There are parts of a couple of songs that have that Industrial Black Metal feel to them. I'm not used to that but the utter darkness and grit compelled me to keep listening. For the fourth and last song on "Phobos," I can only mention that it is a twenty-seven minute epic and if you've got the time to spare, it's worth a listen (it helps if you're already in a bad mood). A toast to the artists who put forth a very fine effort on this disc!

Amid the constant music (and noise in some instances), I was able to step outside of my head for a while and float on the music from this album. It's largely atmospheric, albeit the kind of atmosphere if you were orbiting a distant planet in our solar system. Fitting, since the title "Prima Geidi" references the name of a distant star. To listen to the entire album at one time is almost trance-inducing and mind-altering. Be warned however, for the likes of "Deimos" and "Phobos" are not for the faint of heart! Cheers!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Deimos, Phobos (Compilation)" Track-listing:

1. ART 238 - Contaminated Area : New Era
2. BAGARRE GENERALE - Afrocalypse
3. HAXO - Schwarzchild Wormholes
6. JESSICA - Artiste Inconnu
7. KILL THE THRILL - Indefinite Direction (Live at La Machine a Coudre)
8. TREHA SEKTORI - Berhn Enh Seh Erha
9. ABJVRATION - The Accursed Rebirth
10. BITCHO - Expectations
11. REVERENCE - The End of the Beginning
12. V.I.O.L. - St

Prima Giedi Lineup:

Various Artists

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