Knights Of The Revolution


This is one of those cases where the band's name, the album's title and artwork […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
July 6, 2009
Prey - Knights Of The Revolution album cover

This is one of those cases where the band's name, the album's title and artwork are totally misleading about the music genre dealt here. Ok, I know that you can judge a book by its cover but it is not that easy! So, getting this digital promo I double clicked on the promo sheet -that just contained the artwork and the album's tracklist- (hey label guys, this is not a proper promo sheet) and immediately got the impression that this is another Power Metal release. Of course the lack of in-depth information did not raise any flags regarding the PREY's ancestry that is Swedish. During the last five years I have become very confident about albums from this part of Europe since we are getting excellent music from there. But I think it is about time for me to stop blabbering and get on the music itself.
So, this is the band's second release that comes four years after their debut The Hunter. This might be a long period of time but on the other hand this may mean that the band has been working hard on the studio to produce something interesting with -why not- a unique character. It is not always good to rush a release especially if the debut was a good one because you may fall in the trap of just repeating yourself. Nevertheless, it's time to push the play button and welcome PREY with Knights Of The Revolution. The song enters with a powerful sound with fat guitars, EUROPE-esque backing keyboards and the addictive Hard Rock groove the Swedish bands know how to produce! The vocals made look over the lineup since I got the striking impression that D.C. Cooper from SILENT FORCE (also an ex-ROYAL HUNT singer) is handling the microphone here. Indeed, the vocals are the icing on the cake here and actually give the music a hearty Hard Rock backbone that simply cannot fail. Deliver The Goods continues in the same vein with more melody and an excellent 'arena' chorus that entices you to sing along or at least hum. The sound production is just perfect giving a massive sound on the rhythm section and some room for the bass guitar to breathe. PREY can also sound heavier and for this they deliver Playing With Fire that gave shivers down my spine since the PRETTY MAIDS memories from the Future World days surfaced up giving additional kudos to the Swedish act. The music continues in the same high level with the AOR sounding Bloodred Sky and the mid tempo Get Out while introducing some underlying JUDAS PRIEST influences in the solid guitar groove with Into Fire. Here, the keyboard melodies are at least addictive giving introducing some modern finishing touches while adding DOKKEN and WINGER to the influences list.
Now, I am sure that there is a music magic well in Sweden where bands go, get inspired and bless their albums. Seriously now, who can not but agree that lately this country has been delivering excellent albums without stopping giving (I have said this before) adrenaline injections to the Metal scene's veins. PREY belongs to this category and  Knights Of The Revolution is something more than a fuel injection. Their fine blend of arena Hard Rock through the passion filled AOR looking glass will definitely bring a cool breeze in your summer nights. Let's all become addicted to the game...

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Knights Of The Revolution" Track-listing:

Knights Of The Revolution
Deliver The Goods
Playing With Fire
Bloodred Sky
Get Out
Into Fire
In Memoriam
Personal Fantasy

Prey Lineup:

Thomas Nystroem - Lead vocals, Guitars
Peter Baecke - Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Plahn - Keyboards, Vocals
Robban Back - Drums, Vocals

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