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Pretty Wild

PRETTY WILD are a melodic Hard rock band from Stockholm and Malmoe, Sweden. The band […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
May 20, 2019
Pretty Wild - Interstate 13 album cover

PRETTY WILD are a melodic Hard rock band from Stockholm and Malmoe, Sweden. The band defines themselves with their heavy melodic sound and well-crafted songs. The four-piece blasts out music that reaches out to their fans. It's really all about music and letting the good times roll for PRETTY WILD. Founded in 2006 in Malmoe, they wanted to play 80's style metal. They recorded a three song EP, which garnered some attention. As the original front-man left, the band recruited Ivan Hoglund which seemed to bring new life to the band. They toured through Europe and the U.S. and shortly released the EP "All The Way". Things didn't go as planned so the guys re-recorded the EP and added a few songs. They signed with Swedmetal and re-released "All The Way" in late 2008. 2009 saw their music hit the Swedish charts placing third in the main Rock category and number one on the mid-price list. The band continued touring and started to work on new material for a second album. Now PRETTY WILD have released "Interstate 13" on May 10, 2019. Do they still bring the same fire as those 80's bands we all listened to? Let us see.

"Let's Get It Out" starts off with pounding drums before the guitars seem to come alive. The music comes off simplistic with some underlying key work. The lyrics are sung in that typical 80's fashion with the occasional shouts of "Let's get it out." It is not really something that sticks out to my ears. "Superman" is the third track and first single released. The guitars have simple riffs along with simple beats. The vocals still keep reminding me of those early 80's where Hair Metal was at the top of music. "Stand My Ground" comes in a bit more powerful and reminds me a bit of VAN HALEN, but the vocals stick to the same range as previous songs. The music itself is written well enough to hold the band's sound to what they are. The highlight is the guitar solo, but that's about all I can find good about it.

"The Way I Am" is the seventh track from the album. The song itself is better than the first half of the album. The music itself reminds me of a soft MOTLEY CRUE as Ivan Hoglund seems to find some of those Vince Neil highs in parts. This song isn't so bad but it still seems lackluster in moments. "Thanks To You" follows the previous song. The music starts with an acoustic riff as the bass play takes over a bit more. The soft accord reminds me of songs like "18 and Life" and "Home Sweet Home".  The vocals still have the same suave and still haven't changed throughout the album. "Shot Me Down" brings more of a power ballad sway to my ears. The music is more upbeat with the riffs and beats and still holds this MOTLEY CRUE sound. The vocals still holding the same range I have heard the entire album. To me though, it is the best song I have heard.

PRETTY WILD definitely bring that 80's Hair rock sound. The album holds their influences deep in their music. The band isn't bad per say, but it isn't all that great either. They have stuck to their roots and the music style they want to play. Kudos, for that. That is what every musician out there wants, but their sound is a bit generic. PRETTY WILD's music is made for a different type of listener.  They may not be for me, but I am sure there are some listeners out there who can dig it more than me. Even the video for "Superman" comes off as strange to me. You can check that out for yourself below.

5 / 10









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"Interstate 13" Track-listing:

1. Let's Get It Out
2. Meant For Trouble
3. Superman
4. Wild And Free
5. Give It All Tonight
6. Stand My Ground
7. The Way I Am
8. Thanks To You
9. Shot Me Down
10. Walk The Edge
11. I Love It
12. Break Down The Walls

Pretty Wild Lineup:

Ivan Ivve Höglund: Vocals
Axl Ludwig: Guitar
Kim Chevelle: Bass
Johnny Benson: Drums

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