Suit Up And Break Down

Pretty Useless

The new breed from German Hard Hock is growing mixing several elements in their sound. […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
December 21, 2015
Pretty Useless - Suit Up And Break Down album cover

The new breed from German Hard Hock is growing mixing several elements in their sound. I'm here with the band called PRETTY USELESS and they're releasing your first EP called "Suit Up and Break Down" by the 7 Hard Records.

They're self-title like a band that is mixing Hardcore with Hard Rock, which is unprecedented for my ears. The artwork you can refer a cliché artwork by the new Hard Rock bands: elements to shock you, listener.

The production is very clear and balanced making a great work showing all the instruments, including the vocals. The line-up is talented but nothing to please my ears. I'm expecting some more from the new bands, recently. In Hard Rock, you don't need solos with million notes or a double-bass driven drums; you just need make cool songs, with less than 5 minutes and just all. If you think like it, the German quartet is making an excellent work in all.

In the songs, you can't find that element used in 80's Hard Rock bands, like the double backing vocals or that happy elements they're used a lot in that period. That here enters the Hardcore elements. In songs like "Home" you can clearly see these influences in drums or the tempo the band playing. In "Bloodlust", the American punk rock like BAD RELIGION making in their songs is strength in the sonority. In the other tracks, is easier you listen the Hard Rock influences there with raw elements there like in ,"Stop Surviving, Start Living", "Pretty Useless", and the radio-friendly song called "Hound Of Hell".

I must admit it's an unprecedented sound in "Suit Up and Break Down", but if you listen two or more times, they're conquering you slowly like did with me. It's a different sonority but they did a great work here. It's a simple, fast, raw and surprising album.

7 / 10


"Suit Up And Break Down" Track-listing:

1. Stop Surviving, Start Living
2. Pretty Useless
3. Home
4. Bloodlust
5. Hound Of Hell

Pretty Useless Lineup:

Tom Hunting - Vocals & Guitars
Simon Hoffman - Vocals & Guitars
Luca Christ - Bass
Tobias Wrede - Drums

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